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Facing Connection problem

    • suryan
      Joined: 01.09.2009 Posts: 26
      I am facing the same problem and lost cash so many times.I had contacted support .They told to check my firewall and clear the cookies and other few things.My net was working well without any problem.My other poker application are working well without any problem but the problem is with bet365 only.
      If for some reason if the net get disconnected for a second then other poker application does not exist and wait or try to reconnect but bet365 application get exist fully and we have to again login ,till that time if we have raise chips in any game then we might have loose that chips .Similarly I have loose so many times.But they are unable to accept the problem is from there side and say they are working on this but who is going to pay cash that we have loose due to such issue.If in sit n Go turnament if it disconnect one time it is ok but it get disconnected deveral times which is not good.

      From my point of view they have to make changes in there poker platform as it should not fully exist.

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    • Hentaipr0n
      Joined: 22.05.2010 Posts: 2,468
      Im having the exact same problems as you're describing.
      The support tell me that I should close other programs so it can run properly..

      I dont know but if they are serious, I wonder whats wrong with their heads ?(

      I never gonna go back unless they fix their stuff so we can use the platform properly!
    • HannesZ
      Joined: 30.06.2010 Posts: 16,323
      The whole network hat some serious connection problems the last weeks. These problems are fixed now. Should you still have problems please let us know, so we can contact the poker room and forward your feedback.

      Thank you,
    • guliver
      Joined: 22.08.2006 Posts: 4
      Same problem, but very interesting timeing.
      I play sit-n-go tournaments, no problem in the first hour, and then, usualy when the game is close to the end, it simply disconnects and will not reconnect until computer is restarted. Of course, it disconnects only me, and the other guy simply pick up all the chips. When I finaly restart client software it starts do downolad "latest updates for the application".
      If I could cash-out (5000 point limit) I would do it right now and never look back to bet365 or any iPoker.