easy site for 50$

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi harleytopper,

      I found the Full Tilt starting capital really easy to clear, but I guess it would depend on what variant of poker you play, at which level and of course how often.

      Obviously I don't have any experience of any others as we're all just entitled to 1x free starting capital (other than the occasional special promotion), however I have heard similar things from other members regarding Full Tilt.

      Maybe other members can suggest others for you.

      Best regards,

    • harleytopper
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      Ok, mother will start crushing FT micro stakes starting in next few days, it will be fun to watch :)
    • Albeback
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      I actually cleared mine on Titan and it did not seem too hard to me. I did it by playing SNGs and I started with 1tabling 1$ SNGs. Of course in the beginning it seems like you will never be able to clear it but after about 6weeks when I started to 4table the 2$ ones it did not seem to hard to do it. If I remember well you need 600tp for each 5$ you clear. So you need to make 12000tp to clear the 100$ bonus. You get 17tp for each dollar of rake paid so you need about 700$ of rake. In the first month I do not think I made more than 100$ in rake. But after that when I went to playing 2 tables then 3 and in the end 4 plus that I went up to the 2$ ones it was pretty fast.
      I think I cleared it in about 10weeks.
    • farbwenz
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      I did it on cake poker almost only 1$ SNGs and twotabling. easy to clear in spite of the low traffic