Raise in early phase of a SNG

    • kiromanAAKK
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      I am a bit confuse as I have been in more occasion to make the raise in early phase of a Sit to 3 time the Big Blind.

      Now, I have just read the new article of Steinek that suggest to raise 4 time the Big Blind.

      Somebody may help to clear my confusion?
      Thx :heart:
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    • pinnryder
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      Both is fine.
      Some argue that in the early phases you should raise 4 to get more chips in the pot but imo it doesn't make a big difference.
      I would say do whatever you feel comfortable with.
    • farbwenz
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      There is a quite new article in the section about betting sices. essentially you bet higher at the beginning of a tournament, because otherwise people won't respect your blinds, in the later stages your raises get smaller.
    • Hlynkinn
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      in the 10/20 stage you should raise 4x bb... Just to get some marginal hands out the way and get more value since you are only raising with decent hands early on.
    • MatejM47
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      Yeah in lower limit if you raise to 3bb on 10/20 level you generally get a few people along that you dont want :) Some ppl are just calling anytwo since its only 60chips and well, you still have 1420 left if you dont hit. Personally i raise 4 bb at 10/20 then to 3bb untill 50/100 where i do 2.5bb raises unless its push or fold already.