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*** Official July Goals Thread ***

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    • tcs35
      Joined: 31.01.2009 Posts: 3,583
      [ ] Play at least 2000 hands per day
      [ ] Watch an hour video per day
      [ ] Read a article or chapter of a book per day
      [ ] Post in my blog every day with the progress of my summer lockdown
      [ ] Have a winrate of at least 3ptbb/100 at the end of the month
      [ ] Review my session and post hands for evaluation everyday
      [ ] Move up to 50NL by the end of the month
      [ ] Move up to 100NL by the end of August
    • Huseens
      Joined: 02.07.2009 Posts: 709
      [ ] Move up and have a positive winrate at NL10
    • blackops888
      Joined: 25.04.2010 Posts: 502
      [ ] Correct my PFR and 3-bet leaks (they are quite low for now)
      [ ] Get more familiar with NL2 SH, because I just started there.
      [ ] Move from $85 bankroll to $120 and move up to NL5 SH.
      [ ] Learn how to go easier with variance. I've been tilting too much, I think. Time to change now.
      [ ] Keep my winning rates on at least 10BB/100 or $0.45/hour on NL2. :s_cool:
    • NightFrostaSS
      Joined: 25.10.2008 Posts: 5,255
      June was kinda massive fail, but it's ok. :)

      For July:
      [ ] finally put in some volume (like 50k hands or so)
      [?] participate in some live events
      [ ] get a sun tan!!!!!! I rly need it. :D
    • Genkidesuka
      Joined: 10.11.2009 Posts: 104
      [ ] 30k hands at NL25, BE or better
      [ ] Become less results oriented
      [ ] Learn some HU strategy
      [ ] Exercise 6 times a week
    • alenstrat
      Joined: 13.03.2009 Posts: 821
      [ ] Move up or get close to moving to NL10
      [ ] Final table daily dollar
      [ ] Finish the silver articles I haven't read yet
      [ ] Lift weights 3 times a week

      What the hell are the brackets before the goals for?
    • Waiboy
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 4,877
      Originally posted by Genkidesuka
      [ ] 30k hands at NL25, BE or better
      [ ] Become less results oriented
      Hmmm.. clearly something to work on there! :f_p:
    • Genkidesuka
      Joined: 10.11.2009 Posts: 104
      Originally posted by Waiboy
      Originally posted by Genkidesuka
      [ ] 30k hands at NL25, BE or better
      [ ] Become less results oriented
      Hmmm.. clearly something to work on there! :f_p:
      I'm aiming for 3 out of 4 ldo
    • bradomurder
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 1,331
      I'm going to try and keep my goals pretty vauge so that when August rolls round I can say "yeah I think I achieved them all!"

      Poker Goals:
      1. About 300 x jackpot sng
      2. play at the casino a decent amount
      3. Take some shots at $50 sng, evaluate the play and see if I can hack it
      4. Start watching videos again
      5. win a jackpot, preferably 100k+

      Non poker goals:
      1. do 2x drawings a week
      2. start learning spanish
      3. start playing my guitar again
      4. go see what good bands brisbane has on offer
      5. get some action

      Notice how i'm getting about 1:41000 odds on goal 5 from both catagories
    • chenny8888
      Joined: 03.10.2007 Posts: 19,324
      [ ] win WSOP 2010 ME.
    • seppers
      Joined: 27.02.2009 Posts: 76
      Originally posted by chenny8888
      [ ] win WSOP 2010 ME.
      thats a november goal :(
    • Rsiatat
      Joined: 21.12.2009 Posts: 410
      the one and my only goal is to get rank 1 on officialpoker rankings . and I am gonna give my best to get it !

      thats all
    • Leito99
      Joined: 27.07.2009 Posts: 754
      In order of importance:

      [ ] Learn to do a trampoline flip
      [ ] Win the first to 5k challenge. :f_biggrin:
      [ ] Make 2 4digit mtt cashes.
      [ ] Play more than 15 Mtts a day.
    • JamieFinch
      Joined: 09.06.2010 Posts: 34
      [ ] Get my free bank roll :evil:
      [ ] Memorise at least the early stage SHC for SNG's
      [ ] Continue to improve my discipline whilst playing sober
      [ ] Improve my discipline whilst playing drunk or stop playing whilst drunk
      [ ] Reach bronze level so that I can access the late stage SHC for SNG's

      Non-poker related goals

      [ ] Exercise
      [ ] Get out more
      [ ] Pay more attention to the misses
      [ ] Clean out the hamster cage

      [ ] Oh. And I think I'd quite like to learn a trampoline flip as well. That'd be cool
    • tcs35
      Joined: 31.01.2009 Posts: 3,583
      Originally posted by JamieFinch
      [ ] Clean out the hamster cage
    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253
      July's Goals:

      1) Learn how to use a hand converter.
      2) Play 30hrs of hands per week.
      3) Complete my bonus on FT, only have 25 more days to do so.
      4) Reread all the bronze articles.
      5) Play 1 MTT each day that I play cards. Usually only play the 90plr K.O's on FT.
      6) 10hrs of review weekly.
      7) Update my Blog everyday I play cards.
      8) Exercise 3x a week.
      9) Plan out a healthy meal plan so I have the energy and focus to play my A game every day.
    • Alficor1
      Joined: 16.06.2010 Posts: 7,291
      I definately want to move up from NL2 to NL4. I'd also like to start playing more tables than i do now. I want to improve my game, i sometimes have hard time folding a big pocket pair even if i think i'm beat. Esp if its in session where i wait like an hour for good cards.

      Overall my goals for July and August is to play a lot and have fun in the rest of the time.
    • Kruppe
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 2,145
      [ ] win a lot and then NOT mysteriously lose half my f bankroll
    • MathhNes
      Joined: 24.08.2009 Posts: 953
      - play at least 30k hands
      - Be less result oriented
      - get at least 250 dollars in ladbrokes rakerace
      - do a poker lockdown for 2 days
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