Insomnia Challenge (6.5$ SNG Turbo)

    • SlowOne
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      So, here's the thing... Lately I've been having trouble falling asleep and tonight I went through with none whatsoever. I came to conclusion that, when this happens again, I should do something useful with my time not just throwing myself up and down the bed. What can I do 24/7? What can I do, that won't bother weirdos who actually sleep at 4 o'clock in the morning :] ? What do I love to do? Eureka! Poker.

      Due to un inactivaty on this forum(gotta change that :rolleyes: ), I have to explain my situation a bit further here... I'm SnG player who started playing a bit seriously about 8 months ago. Through micro limits I managed to grind my way up to regular 22$'s. Actually I play mix of 11's and 22's because of traffic. I've made enough money playing those to justify having no part time job(I'm lazy as hack, so poker seems to be the only way :P ) durring a year off of university. I have these two levels underbelted(11's for sure, I didnt play 22's much yet, but they seem similar to 11's) but I have never felt I've beaten/have edge on turbo 6.5$'s. Needless to say regular SnGs are way softer than turbo and I think that's one of the reasons why it stood unbeaten. But something tells me, that if I'm able to beat regular SnGs at higher limit, I should be able to beat 6.5's. All I need is volume.

      Durring next 10 days(and probably sleepless nights) I will play 60+ turbo SnGs at 6.5$ and this thread will serve as motivation/drawingboard for each day.

      My lifetime graph on 6.5$:

      I will be reporting daily(or more likely nightly :P ) on progress.

      So let's conquer this monster from the clost :f_biggrin:
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    • z4tz
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      Just remember that you are playing far from your A-game during the night after being up a long time and not sleeping well for several nights which might kill your edge and so on.
      I know this from personal experience ;)

      Else than that, good luck :)
    • Targetme
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      sleep is for that weak a game overated ! especially in a low stake donkament!!
    • SlowOne
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      Didin't find a chance to update this thread thow I promised myself I would do it on daily bases. So... I have mixed feelings to report.

      About volume: first day I managed to put in as much turneys as intended in this challenge of mine, but the second day the plan fell apart as you just can't refuse a fishing trip on a sunny day and your football team's first european (qualifing) match in six years =) . Only 12 sngs were played on that very day. And for today... fulfiled the requiered.

      About success: Blah! After 132 sngs I'm almost BE and that sucks big time X( .

      About game: I think I played OK but will have to do better than this to show profit even against 6.5$ fish. I got a bit unlucky on the bubble few times as they just didn't kick eachother out eventhow shortstacks were dominated in all-in situations. And oh dear god, how about those shortstacks commiting themselves preflop?! Let's say someone has 1200 in front of me with blinds 40-80 and minraising(this is like a law in these turbos) to 160 and bang I have AA with about 1600 raisting to 420 and got him calling. Flop comes something like 236 rainbow. He checkes, I bet, he shoves, I palmface as he turns something random as 45s or set of 3s. I'm making up a hand but something similar occured quite a few times. I know thats part of the game and I know they are bleeding money on longrun, but still doesn't feel great now. Other than that I need to tighten a bit up in push or fold. Coming into late stage with supertight image doesn't effect their calling range that much.

      About insomnia: z4tz said not sleeping prevents you to play as concentrated as you should. I think it didn't effect my game that much, but there was one session, when I felt sooo out of it. I didn't care to do my usual thinking process and therefore making superbig mistakes.

      @z4tz: Thanks to share your experience and wishing good luck :]

      @Targetme: Sleeping is generally overrated :tongue: !

      Another conclusion... EV line is overall BS.

      Oh, almost forgot the anthem of this challenge =)