All in or not?

    • TikTakBoomLT
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      (5 players left, 4 places paid)
      benfica25 posts small blind ($100)

      anticasual posts big blind ($200)

      Dealing [10 :diamond: K :spade:] to Hero (Button)

      h82nl folds

      AlPoker007 folds

      Hero raises to $1,575 (all-in)

      benfica25 folds

      anticasual calls $1,575

      Hero [10 :diamond: K :spade:]

      anticasual shows [Q :diamond: Q :spade:]

      Dealing Flop [Q :heart: 7 :club: 5 :diamond:]

      Dealing Turn [T :heart:]

      Dealing River [5 :spade:]

      Hero has Two Pairs: 10 :spade: , 5 :spade:

      anticasual has Full House, Queens over 5s

      anticasual wins $3,250 with: Full House, Queens over 5s

      End Of Hand #1373918777

      (sorry there is no free software to convert hands from pkr)

      Sorry, can any1 put this thread into right forum? thank's and sorry
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    • ghaleon
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      Yep wrong place for this topic, but KTo 8bb shove from button is standard play, wp.

      Only reason to fold this is bubble situation, so if there is some very short stack and if you think sb/bb might do light call, fold is ok. Though in bubble with very short stack they shouldn't do such a call without big enough stack.

      In future post also every player stack size... Those might be more important than your hand itself :)