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How to know if you are doomed at poker?

    • ollimacgja
      Joined: 21.05.2010 Posts: 24
      How do you guys define if someone is doomed at poker...

      Why do I ask that?

      Because i don´t know if my poker carrer is on the road to oblivion or if i´m just getting a hand of poker..

      I talked to a friend and he said that i cant say anything with the number of hans i played yet (less than 3000 in more than one month)..since i´m new..he say losses is common, but....i´m woried..since i would like to become pro one day.

      How to know if you don´t ahve a chance and to find something else to do?
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    • mishkagg
      Joined: 29.07.2008 Posts: 1,354
      Play at least 50000 hands on a limit to determine if you're a winning or a losing player on the limit. But 100000 hands is better. That's the only way.
    • Jafreiteris
      Joined: 21.05.2008 Posts: 283
      Well firstly think that in poker, all player are given a same chance of getting and busting AA pre flop, and so everyone should be at brake-even ( without rake ). But in real world, one of type people do stupid things, other's no, so thats way you win or lose.

      So you need to find why you lose, like this couple of examples :

      1.You don't have a strategy or something that will increase your odd's of winning.
      2.You don't have much knowledge wich would help you in game phases. For example : You go all-in pre flop in Sng with chip lead having AK against 4 all-in op. when you should have, becouse you have 40% of winning.
      3.You play game wich not suite you. For example, i just have noticed i kick ass in head-up SnG :)
      4.You are not psychological ready for game, and you have your mood changed 26 times a day becouse of winings and losses. You cannot be unhappy and play next game, and also you can't be very happy and play next game (example - I have winned last game, so i gonna win this one, heck, i going all-in. -- I have lost last game becouse of bad beat, so i will not go all in with KK becouse i will be gangbanged again.)

      So everyone is all the same in the way of luck, the only difrence if the type of players