Suited connectors??

    • ashba89
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      Hello. I was going through the SnG starting-hand-chart and the bronze articles.

      The articles states that suited connectors is best played in the early stages of a tournament due to minimal loss risk. But suited connectors aren't even present in the starting hand chart?

      And we're told to follow the chart exactly so im confused. Should i play these, or not?

      :) )
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    • alenstrat
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      For a beginner I think if there are limpers before you, in early stage of SNG, I'd say without a doubt limp suited connectors or Ax suited behind. And then simply play check call if you hit a draw or bet if you hit your draw or check fold if you hit nothing.

      But I guess that's just a personal preference, no idea what the official "theory" says about this for beginners, that's just what I used to do. I think in the above situations you can play these profitably. Don't limp them if no one limped before since you'll probably have to fold to a raise.

      When you're more advanced you'll learn to open raise such hands .. but that's not where you're at yet.
    • pinnryder
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      It is all about position when you play suited connectors. Never ever play them out of position, because it is very hard to play them profitably then.
      When you are a beginner just limp them from late position in a multiway-pot. Otherwise tight is right!
    • Hlynkinn
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      if you get crazy pot odds to limp them preflop go ahead.. But only play them postflop if you hit two pair or better and chasing draws in sng's is a leak unless your getting good enough pot odds