this thread serves to make public and record a staking deal between myself and drawback, me staking him.

for now i'll just copy some parts of our skype conversation, not in chronological order

[14:40:14] christopherstephens: so the deal is 300MTTs, make-up and cashing out as i discussed, we both agree on which MTTs you play, i send you money before each session and after the session you send it back if you didnt need it
[14:40:27] christopherstephens: and we should both keep records in writing
[14:40:56] christopherstephens: and 50/50 profit

[14:40:58] Mārtiņš: jhow do u mean if id didnt need it?
[14:41:10] Mārtiņš: so it means if i make profit i give Bis back?
[14:41:14] christopherstephens: like if i send you $50 for a session and the buyins only add up to $40
[14:41:28] Mārtiņš: oh ok ;)
[14:41:38] Mārtiņš: but what about bis if i win in that session?
[14:41:44] Mārtiņš: we just deala total to 50/50
[14:41:47] Mārtiņš: or bis back and then 50/50
[14:41:58] christopherstephens: well we split the profit, not the buyins
[14:42:26] christopherstephens: so if you cash, then that means that i send you buyin before it starts, you make profit, we split profit and you send buyin back

in what timeframe do you think you can pülay 300 MTTs?
[14:47:50] Mārtiņš: well if u wont forbid me to do that i can play 9 mtts in a day(thats with 180man sngs) + it is usually more than 9 as i add up smth if i bust very fast like in 90 man sngs or somewhere else.
[14:47:57] Mārtiņš: i think its 10+mtts/day
[14:48:12] Mārtiņš: so 30 days of playing
[14:48:38] Mārtiņš: but ill probably wont be able to play every day as its summer and the wheather is great..
[14:48:47 | Edited 14:49:15] Mārtiņš: ill think its a max of 2 months
[14:48:57] Mārtiņš: July-September
[14:49:20] christopherstephens: ok, let's say you have may 75 days
[14:49:25] christopherstephens: max*

[14:13:07] christopherstephens: anyway, what we can do is this:whenever you are up for the duration of the deal, i.e. your winnings are higher than at the start, you can withdraw anything between zero and the whole amount you're up, and you then go into makeup for the amount you withdrew
[14:13:41] christopherstephens: and you have to play MTTs until you're not in make-up anymore
[14:13:50] Mārtiņš: and how that make up goes?
[14:14:05] Mārtiņš: works i meant
[14:18:14] christopherstephens: if you are in make-up and make profit in an MTT, then if a) the amount you're in make-up for(the amount you're down overall or the amount you've withdrawn) is larger than your profit in that MTT, then all the profit from that MTT goes to me and the amount you are in make-up for is reduced by the amount you profited in that MTT, and if b) the amount you're in make-up for is smaller than your profit in that MTT, then of the profit from the MTT you give an amount equal to the amount you are in make-up for to me and split the rest of the profit from the MTT 50/50


problem is
[14:23:27] christopherstephens: you could have a huge cash, say $5k, then withdraw that, and ttheoretically that would be ok and you'd just be in make-up for $5k, but practically it would be quite likely that you'd never get anywhere cvlose to making up 5k
[14:23:41] christopherstephens: so
[14:23:52] christopherstephens: if you cash and are in + for the duration of the deal
[14:24:01] christopherstephens: i want some of it
[14:24:20] christopherstephens: and i want you to not withdraw more than you absolutely have to
[14:24:38] Mārtiņš: yeye dont worry i wont do that. i usually cashout from 50-100$
[14:24:40] christopherstephens: so if you cash for 5k in some huge MTT on stars, don't withdraw 5k

[14:27:20] christopherstephens: we can agree on which MTTs to paly as they come up

[14:27:28] christopherstephens: i would probably stake you for $1-3 rebuys too

yeah, i'd stake you for the micro 180s too