Hi all,

first of all, thanks for the wonderfull program.
im a stt player and been using the new features for analysing my games for leaks and strenghts.

i got some advice for the next version:

Would it be possible to add a search function on the database, so it would make leak searching alot quicker. it takes ages to analyse 1000 stt's for leaks,
especially on cpu unpowerfull pc's like mine :


dropdown menu search: last 10 stts, last 100 stts, last month, etc...
dropdown menu search: search for pots lost bigger then X BB's
(where X is free to chose).

having a list of all pots bigger then 8bb for example would make game analysing so much more easy.

(ideally, a option to remove badbeats would be a greath bonus, but i guess thats harder to define and to code..)

anyway, thanks for the greath job, and looking forward to the next versions allready.

edit: another nice option would be

stats for each blind level... (rather then general stats over all blindlevels)
It would be greath to look into your own game, and see if you open your range to late, or to early, or if you open it to wide or not wide enough.
Do you steal enough blinds or do you protect your hand to agresive vs microstake stations, etc..