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pot odds ...

    • zibbygt
      Joined: 09.09.2007 Posts: 23
      So I have been thinking. I know odds are most impormant thing at being sucessful poker player. And now for example if we have a program which calculates pot odds, your EV, win odds and other things like this. I got a hand where my pot odds are 4:1.

      question 1: So in that case if someone bets 2$ I should pay 2$ only if pot is 8$ or higher ?

      question 2: What if I someone bets 2$ and pot odds are 4:1 and pot is 6$. What if I raise to 4$ ?

      Can someone explain if I am totaly wrong. Dont explain me how to calculate pot odds, odds, outs, win odds because there are programs who do that much faster then I do just explain me how to use most profitable this odds.

      For example Ive got program holdem indicator which calculate pot odds and win odds so whats the best usage of this informations. I have been reading strategy on yours page about odds but I still dont know exactly how to use all the odds, outs etc.

      Thank you
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    • Puschkin81
      Joined: 14.04.2006 Posts: 4,786
      Hi zibbygt!

      I recommend that you reread our article about odds&outs because its THE essential article in No Limit. Although you might have read it 5 times already: it doesn't matter.

      question 1: If your odds (not pot odds) to win the hand are 4:1 and you have to call $2 the pot should be at least $8.01 to make it profitable ($8 would be break even play).

      question 2: the pot odds cannot be 4:1 if you have to call $2 to win a $6 pot. The pot odds are 3:1 in this case. Pot odds describe the relation between expected profit (the size of the pot) and expected investment (how much do I have to pay to see the next card).

      Once again: reread this article because it's essential.

      Good luck at the tables!