New Community Manager: HannesZ aka garten309

    • Hadi
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      Hey guys,

      we're pleased to tell you that as of today, Hannes Zott, maybe known to some of you as the German head moderator garten309, is reinforcing the ranks of the Community Management team.

      But enough from me, we'll let him say a few things about himself :)

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    • HannesZ
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      Hello everybody,

      as Hadi already wrote, I am joining the Community Management team. My name is Hannes and I am from Austria.

      A short summary about my history with
      I am a member of for already 4 years. Become a moderator for the german site in 2007. Since April 2008 I started to work as a freelancer.

      If you have any question about me, just ask here in this thread or write me an e-mail to my address: