I usually play late at night so my session often run from one day into the next. It would be nice to keep the session in the same day.

I know there is a "My day starts at" feature, but when I entered a time in the box the graphs still looked exactly the same. I'm not really sure what the problem is, any ideas?

I would also suggest removing the text entry box. Instead have a drop down list with options 00:00, 01:00, ..., 22:00, 23:00. Make a note that Elephant uses the systems current time.



EDIT: I turned off automatic importing, set the "My day starts at" feature to 6:00am, created a new database, set the new database as active, deleted the old database, and turned auto importing back on and all seems to be working fine.

Not sure exactly what fixed it, but I'm happy it's working as hoped :-)