Thank You!

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      Ive just been reading the forum for a while and seems to be a lot of complaining!

      In my experience, this has not only been the best bonus I've ever found, but also the easiest to set-up, so I'd just like to say thank you and encourage anyone who is put-off by the the delays/ bad comments to chill out and its free - be grateful!

      I have 20ish poker accounts and had missed out party, but am so glad I've now found it- those rookie freerolls were almost as good as the $50!

      I would love to see a pokernordica/ iron duke offer (any merge, but already have carbon accounts, so these two preferable from my selfish perspective!)

      Anyway keep up the great work moderators/ organisers- you do a great job and deserve a lot more thanks than you seem to get!
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