QQ late in a tourney

    • Hautjob
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      ***** Hand History for Game 6373176339 *****
      0/0 Tourney Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) (Tournament 35837184) - Sun Sep 30 22:49:42 EDT 2007
      Table 255603 (Real Money) -- Seat 2 is the button
      Total number of players : 9
      Seat 1: mahomi (4665)
      Seat 2: ugaagaugu (21214)
      Seat 3: GuruGeorge (54076)
      Seat 4: proludo (25831)
      Seat 5: perzapalooza (10904)
      Seat 6: Bolinha999 (31977)
      Seat 7: Groundrush2 (23219)
      Seat 9: Hautjob (31626)
      Seat 10: Make_My_Days (54968)
      mahomi posts ante (50)
      ugaagaugu posts ante (50)
      GuruGeorge posts ante (50)
      proludo posts ante (50)
      perzapalooza posts ante (50)
      Bolinha999 posts ante (50)
      Groundrush2 posts ante (50)
      Hautjob posts ante (50)
      Make_My_Days posts ante (50)
      GuruGeorge posts small blind (800)
      proludo posts big blind (1600)
      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to Hautjob [ Qh, Qs ]
      perzapalooza folds
      Bolinha999 folds
      Groundrush2 folds
      Hautjob raises (4800) to 4800
      Make_My_Days folds
      mahomi folds
      ugaagaugu folds
      GuruGeorge calls (4000)
      proludo folds
      ** Dealing Flop ** : [ Jh, 2s, Js ]
      GuruGeorge checks
      Hautjob bets (6400)
      GuruGeorge raises (49226) to 49226
      GuruGeorge is all-In.
      Hautjob folds
      Creating Main Pot with $24450 with GuruGeorge
      ** Summary **
      Main Pot: 24450
      Board: [ Jh 2s Js ]
      mahomi balance 4615, lost 50 (folded)
      ugaagaugu balance 21164, lost 50 (folded)
      GuruGeorge balance 67276, bet 54076, collected 67276, net +13200
      proludo balance 24181, lost 1650 (folded)
      perzapalooza balance 10854, lost 50 (folded)
      Bolinha999 balance 31927, lost 50 (folded)
      Groundrush2 balance 23169, lost 50 (folded)
      Hautjob balance 20376, lost 11250 (folded)
      Make_My_Days balance 54918, lost 50 (folded)

      Don't really know if I was right to fold here. There are some hands that might beat me but his move was a bit too strong for a made hand I think.
      Later in the tourney I discovered him to be very loose preflop.
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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi Hautjob!

      I think it's better to fold here. He can have a flush draw as well as a J or pocket deuces or another small pocket pair. To find that out you have to risk your tournament life, which isn't a good idea imo. Just fold and wait for a better spot.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • HoRRoR
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      ok puschkin wanna discuss? oO

      i'd recommend a call, giving the action Hautjob could be on anything, so his play on flop works against everything

      AJ/AA/KK/QQ are the hands Hautjob has to call, all other hands he has to fold against this play, so kind of a good play by the opponent

      so tell me, why should the opponent shove a hand, which has QQ beat?
      he could easily get more chips on the turn or the river out of Hautjob if he has J, this play only costs him chips, if he has QQ beat

      if it's a bluff or a semi bluff with maybe 88 or something, it's a not so bad play, cause hautjob has to fold many hands that didn't hit the flop

      i'd tend to a call in this spot

      missing informations are buyin/playerleft/already itm?
    • Dithley
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      I am porbably not as experienced as you are, but my guess would also be that he had AK or small pocket pair and missedthe flop.

      To me its always a kind of tilty play which ppl use in exactly these type of situations. So, early in a tournament I would have probably called. However close to the money I wouldn't have.
    • mishh06
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      I think i agree with horror here, i'm not folding QQ in this position. His play definitely seems like he missed the flop and is trying to come over the top of you.
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      I find its 50/50...

      There are alot of chips in the pot late in tourney and have found situations were oppent goes all in with the best hand to make you think they have nothing to get u to call...

      It depends on the player and how u have seen him play all tournament...