Texas Calculatem

    • danjef
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      Anyone tryed this? is it of any use for a new player? i signed up for it seems i wanted to sign up with a casino anyway thought i may aswell take it for free.

      If anyone else signed up with a casino offer how long did it take for the license key to arrive?
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    • gadget51
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      I can post a site that reviews all the poker calculators, butdon't know if it's allowed. Mods?
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi gadget51,

      Thanks for checking first.

      In the context of helping fellow members this should be ok, providing they do not have affiliate poker links (or anything illegal of course).

      Sites with affiliate poker links would be a no no, but you could always quote just the text of the reviews without providing the name of the website.

      Any problems or if you'd like any guidance, just give us a shout, we're here to help not hinder ;)

      Best regards,

    • fusionpk
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      I tried this, initially thought "oh this sounds great", tbh after a while you realise it does nothing a good poker player shouldn't be able to do in his head. You would be better off investing in some hand histories.
    • danjef
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      well yea i kinda guessed it would be pretty straight foward odds, but just thought it would be a little useful when starting out so dont call something dumb.
      I would never accutly pay for this software thats why i did the sign up for the casino thing, how long did it take for your to recieve license key from them?