Played couple of days in many Sng types (FL, SH HU), from $0.95 to $10 buy-ins. Well my bankroll quite damaged, but i don't feel bad or anything. Quit srewing around, and will going to be a winning played for now. Going to play $1+0.2 ( FL ) and $0.95 (HU) SnG.
Because of those couple of days i have understand many aspects of online SnG, have read some material. Also have improved my HU play, and thats really good because i realy suck on this. So...

Session will last until i lose 5 buy-ins, or i will be tired of playing.
Will going to post my results after 10 days of playing.
Playing 4 tables at one time.

My graph -

Uploaded with

(The last up was because of improving. I think it will go up like that.)

Tomorrow i will become silver member, so it will help me a lot more to improve my game.