Why aren't pokerstrategy freerolls announced better?

    • alenstrat
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      Just found out today reading a random post that there was a $5.000 freeroll in Paddy Poker in which only 30 players participated!!!! It's not announced anywhere. I had to dig into the paddypoker page to get the details. That's insane!!!! So much money between so few players!!! :f_eek: :f_confused: :f_o:
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    • taavi1337
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      probably some kind of employee freeroll
    • Waiboy
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      Hey alenstrat

      Pokerstrategy.com holds freerolls reasonably frequently and they are all announced via the news page.

      This particular freeroll was advertised twice on the news pages, once at the start of June as part of the announcement of Paddy Poker as a partner room, and then again on the 29th of June as a stand alone announcement. If you are keen to participate in one of the future freerolls or other promotions, you are best to keep a wary eye on the news.

      Often the best time to chase promos (if you are so inclined) is when a new partner room is announced as they have the fewest pokerstategy members and are keen to start generating a membership.

      Best of luck with one of the future freerolls or other promos.
    • supeyrio
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    • alenstrat
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      Yeah I see it now on the news page, would have been useful if it had been announced in this forum too. I think it was probably on the pokerstrategy page so little time with all that WSOP news that almost no one saw it. I would have definitely deposited $10 to play that freeroll against so few players!!! Oh well. :f_cry:
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      It was announced on the news a good week or 2 ago. I even got an email from PaddyPower to say I was eligible and to register.

      I did and I finished third for $1k!