[NL2-NL10] How to play AK and QQ preflop on NL10?

    • bonecore
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      i always try to get it all in with AK and QQ preflop but as my pokertracker broke ... i am not sure it is a winning play in the long run ?

      I mean NL shorthanded 6max
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    • MrMardyBum
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      I'm happy to go broke with QQ here as long as my opponent isn't overly nitty.
      And I am raising with my A,K and calling a 3 bet. Or making a 3 bet if someone is in before me, if they then 4-bet I'm calling for the flop, if they shove you need to use your own intuition and notes (that you should 100% be making if you have no poker tracking software).

      EDIT** At least download elephant and run your hands through that... It may not be the best software but it will tell you what you want to know.
    • edi9999
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      Calling AK against a 3b is really not a good idea, you will lose a lot when you don't hit (2/3) and sometimes lose if you hit (1/3)

      for example AK on K79 vs AA

      I prefer to broke with AA,KK,AK.

      I broke only with QQ when the opponent is an aggro preflop.
    • MaestroOfZerg
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      You could write a whole book on that really.

      Personally I don't like felt QQ preflop as a standard at microstakes because I think you tend to see nitty regs and passive fish more often than anything else, so generally once you get 4-bet chances are it's already by a range heavily weighted towards KK+. So I often end up calling with it to look for a flop that AK whiffed or flop a set and cooler KK+. Obviously if your opponent is shortstacked, some lag that loves reg-on-reg violence or a batshit insane fish, 4-bet QQ and get it in.

      As far as AK is concerned it plays a lot worse when you call because you'll whiff the flop so often and when you hit you feel committed to your TPTK even tho hands that will bet/jam in 3-bet pots will often be TPTK+, so I tend to play 4-bet or fold with it a lot. When I don't feel like villain is loose enough for me to 4-bet/call profitably, I just fold especially out of position.

      Hope it helps.