You know what really grinds my gears!

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      Something a little different to think about .

      What really tilts people ?

      Ok bad beats blah blah blah .

      But every1 has certain things in life thats tilts them ,

      I worked as a poker dealer for a year and I heard some Bull!

      Example of tilting things ...

      Certain sites (Avatars,Sliders,Tables...Ect)
      Live sport(Football,Basketball,What ever gives you your kicks)
      Casino games.
      Family and friends.
      Smells(BO,Bad Breath,ect)
      Missing spots(checking 2 pair ,making a bad fold, not shoving pre)

      But everyone has there own little thing ,
      Mines is Someone who clearly knows nothing about poker and hands out a lesson after a bad beat :evil:

      What about everyone else any little thing that tilt you?

      And any Ideas on what to do about all these tilting things
      I say buy a boat and play online in the middle the sea...
      But how tilting would it be when a storm Knocks off your internet conection when you final flop a set vs the maniac?
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