open ended straight flush draws

    • thegrouse
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      okay, so this is a hand that i played at The Vic the other day which has me doubting the way i play these hands.

      My stack: £500ish
      Villain: £300ish

      I raise UTG with 10,9 of spades (early position i know but i was being cold decked and i fancied a punt).

      It folds round to the villain in the BB who calls. So we're head up.

      Flop comes: 7 of spades, Jack of hearts, K of spades

      Villain checks and i bet the pot (£25) with my up and down straight draw and a flush draw.

      Villain min raises. I figure he has a hand so i just shove about 450 into this £60 pound pot. Villain calls and flips 7,7. The sod had a set which swiftly becomes a full house a turn card later.

      So this guy does me for £300.

      How do you think these big draws should be played?
      Did i do right by my hand?
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    • chenny8888
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      wrong forums but preflop is fine.

      on the flop i would probably bet whatever i normally bet with my made hands on such a board. so on this board it's probably somewhere between 3/4 to potsize. once villain minraises you you should indeed reraise but shoving just looks like a draw. making a raise to 150-160 or so is better with your stacksizes and obviously calling a shove.
    • thegrouse
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      thanks for your input. I guess i was just destined to double the other guy up on this one.