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    • booger6o4
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      I was wondering how you guys feel about long losing streaks...
      I have lowered myself from .5/1 cash games all the way to .01/.02
      This has a huge impact on my confidence and my bankroll.

      How have you guys dealt with the swings and your feelings about dropping levels
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    • FaulV16ke
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      I fell down from NL25 to NL2, almost lost it all because of bad beats which caused I played bad which caused the tilt which caused bad BRM. :D Now I'm back in poker and I'm moving up the limits again.

      The key is not to think about money you lost and not to think like "Oh my god I used to have 250 bucks at my account and now it is just 105. I cannot fall below 100..." this cause you're worrying about your money while you're playing which is not good.

      Try not to loose self-confidence. Read articles, watch videos and post your hands. This help you analyze whether you play bad or it's just a variance. It helped me to be more resistant agianst badbeats.

      The thing helped me a lot on NL2 was finding retards and total fish and playing against them. There are many players on NL2 who push any two, bluff every hand or play crap hands all the time. Just find them, make a note and then you can make easy money just by sitting at those tables and waiting for good hands.

      And of course - always follow Bankroll Management.

      This is my way how to deal with moving down the limits, but I'm still not at my best so I will need to work on it. :D