Quiz of the week: Overcards in 3-bet pots without initiative

    • djma123
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      Dear PokerStrategists,

      this week's quiz deals with the rather uncomfortable spot of having overcards in a 3-bet pot without having the initive. You raised before the flop and called a 3-bet, but now you it's hard to to evaluate where you stand.

      Are your outs still good? How much equity do you have to call or raise a bet? Can you bet yourself? In this week's quiz you will face several types of opponents who are more or less prone to 3-bets and we will try adjusting our post-flop play based on their stats for pre-flop 3-betting. Can you do it? Find out in our new quiz of the week!

      How well did you do? Was it too hard, too easy? Share your thoughts!
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