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This is me

    • pook3rfac3
      Joined: 29.06.2010 Posts: 9
      Hello there to all of members.
      I have already made one post but it was a little bit clumsy and not really successful for the first sight, but however this is me as I am.

      My first and only "sport" was paragliding with my whole hurt and being. Every day I was able to fly even If I had to drive 300km away. Nobody could stop in that time,
      I just lived for it. It was everything to me, felt happy as never before and that happiness newer decreased. Met a lot of great people honest, respectful, and unselfish in any way.
      It was just right place for me at the right time.

      For several years my paragliding friends and my gifrlfriend were hanging around, were camping in the nature, and just having really great time.
      Till one day...

      It was 19. November 2004, my good friend from England and his girlfriend from CZ and my future girlfriend went to Italy at their place to have some party after flying.
      It was Friday and me and my future girlfriend started dating that day and made quite big party really.

      Next day we went to a great place for look around if there will be good condition for flying maybe, and there it was. We took our wings and went to the top of the hill.
      I will newer forget that view, what a view! Seaside, nature, huh. Cannot describe it indeed.

      I took my wings and could not fly away because it was a little bit to hard to take off, so I took my friends glider and made a launch.

      But crap, in a second wind was so strong that I have collected s stick and the stick somehow ended in my right wing. Damn...I knew that it wont be easy to get it out.
      Tried for several times but no luck...After 45min of fighting I decided to try to land at the top of the hill, if there will be an accident let it be near my friends, I just cannot tell how
      good feeling it is if you know there is someone who you can count on...

      I did it but not the way I the 25m the glider started collapsing and It did collapse in full stall that means I am falling almost free fall.
      Made a touch down....with a broken back...without able to

      after hour and 45mins i was fighting for my life did not allow anybody to touch me until army came with a chopper to take me to the sky again and try to fix me in ha hospital...
      It was a hard way for 11 hours of struggling I made it.

      After 1,5 year I walked again. But hack, what will I do now without my sport now??? I am not able to fly again, should watch my back much more as before when it was whole...
      I am able to walk, to drive a bicycle a little bit, to swim, se* of course as a master :) so...last month I found myself a new sport!

      It is a poker!
      Just right for me: adrenalin, a lot of studying, hanging around and meeting friends...huh it is just great being me again.

      That's me, trying to get to next level no Mather how hard I have to learn,
      counting on unselfish help of experienced players :)

      Here it is, a novel again, it is already becoming my style I wanted it or not :) .
      (are there any rewards for the nowels :) lol :)

      Have a lot of fun!
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    • supeyrio
      Joined: 11.11.2009 Posts: 3,106
      hey there. i'm really sorry to hear abt your accident. may you find your destiny in poker. all the best.
    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Originally posted by supeyrio
      hey there. i'm really sorry to hear abt your accident. may you find your destiny in poker. all the best.

      Welcome to the community pook3rfac3, it's good to have you join us.

      Sorry to hear of your accident, but really liking your attitude to not being beaten and studying hard etc. It's this type of discipline that is really important in poker and I'm sure you will do well.

      Thanks for the intro, it's great to know a little about each member as they join and I'm sure you will soon get to know lots of other members in due course.

      Will add a couple of facts about me so at least you know 1 other person already ;)

      * 38 years old :( from England
      * Playing poker on & off for 20 years (more off than on :D )
      * Joined the superb PokerStrategy community in 2008
      * predominately an Sng player & occasionally tournaments

      Wishing you every success and enjoyment in your poker.

      Best regards,

    • pook3rfac3
      Joined: 29.06.2010 Posts: 9
      supeyrio, EagleStar88 ; hey there, thx for all :)

      i suppose I have to put also some other info about me :) ...

      * 28 years old from Slovenia (EagleStar88 it is just 1 number less for first digit :) - joke :)
      * Joined FULL TILT (i really like it) poker in July (few days) have collected 33FTP :) in 6 days, before that I tried PP for maybe two weeks
      * I really like SNG and TOURNAMENTS with 2% of my available money for buy in,
      and do not like cash game for now :) you probably know why :) )))
      * I am IT system analyst and Chemical Engineer (still do not have diploma for Chemical E)
      * I travel a lot and have a big wish to get to competitive level in poker one day

      best regards