Calling station mode profitable?

    • LudiCoka
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      The thing is, I've been playing on cake poker last 4 days for 3 hours per day and I've seen this calling station guy play his game by calling on flop and turn any draw he can. Then folding or going all-in if hit/miss. And in those 12 hours where we played together he managed to get out with 35$ on NL4 every time, 2 tables.

      This made me think, because cake players are almost all regs and very nitty preflop but bad postflop, they can't fold much, such a style becomes profitable against them.

      So, in your oppinion, can this way of playing be profitable in any circumstances at all, or is this guys success only a burst of luck (he got away 8 times now with a huge profit).
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    • Alan883
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      Try to play like him.

      i think we will see nice post here in few days..

      And that post will be with the title similar to that: 'This poker is so fucking rigged.'
    • Sasa1234
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    • redskwerl
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      seems liek a reasonable strategy if they keep calling him light when he hits
    • SalamiandCheese
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      I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to NL, but wouldn't it be easy to just make this type of player pay on the flop and turn, then folding to an all-in when a bad card hits on the river? If he's doing it with a gutshot the implied odds may not even be there to call the turn and profit from an all-in on the river if he hits.

      What does he do on the turn when he makes his draw? U seem to be implying he does he's all-in on the river every hand played with a draw, hit or miss. I heard Isildur1 overbets the river a lot but haven't looked much into it, worth some discussion.

      Against the opponents I'm playing right now I prefer to just make a value bet and sometimes use the same size of bet for a bluff to balance, unless I think my opponent will call bigger based on how the hand has been played.
    • conall88
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      calling all the time is expensive. the important part of the equation is whether your opponents are stupid enough to pay you off when you hit a big hand.

      on another note, I don't know if cake has em, but deep stack tables would be the best choice to employ this strategy as your implied odds increase.