italian enginerr student ask help to become a better player

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      hi everybody!
      first of all sorry for my bad english..i'll try to do my best..
      my name is antonio and i'm 22 years old. i live in turin,big city in the NW of italy.
      i decided to write here because i consider this one probably the best poker forum all around.
      i'm actually studying physics engineering here in turin 4th year, i have 2 exams left for the first degree.
      i've been a pretty good golf player since i was a kid, i've been part of the italian national team from 2001 to 2009, but the la last season i played poorly because lot of study(and poker..)

      i started to play poker a couple of years ago online, with the money i won with a sport bet, and i easily got a real fish :f_biggrin:
      then i started playing live with friends 10$(i write $ for me are euro but it doesn't matter) stngos and understand a little bit more about the game.
      june 2008 i play a 100$ stngo in a club i finish 1st of 27 and won something like 900$. i tought 'wow'
      i finally opened an acoount on where i play totally out of br but i have a couple of satisfactions:one time i finished 400th on sunday million qualifying with fpps and i also won a 30$ satellite to 800$ satellite fot EPT dortmund 2009, finish 21st out of 170 with 12 packages for bad..
      but i generally lose my winnings in a week or two trying limit too high or playing against hu regulars..

      anyway, june 2009 have been closed for italian players and i started playing on, where there is no cash game and the maximum buy-in is 100$ for now.
      i consider myselef a pretty good player but i'm really a f****r about i got broke a couple of time..

      now i finally(hope so) understood the importance of a goor BRM and i see few little very little results..

      my online br is now 240$
      i played 1$ stngos from 50$ till 200 and last week i started play 3$ stngo (maybe it's better have a br of 100x?????)
      271 games 3$ ROI 7.8% for 63.48$ winnings
      is that good?or 271 games are few to say something?
      i read lot of poker books, but helped my a lot 'poker strategy'
      i generally play 2 hours in the evening multitabling 10-12x
      i utilize table ninja and holdem manager(lot to learn about it)
      my goal is to play 3$ stngo till 500 and then level up to 5$ ecc..
      i hope to grow up fast..
      last week a friend stak me for the sunday biggest tournament in italy,100$ 2000 players i paly pretty well and go to day2 but finish 48th,350$ prize.
      what do you guys think?
      any advice??
      play less table each session maybe help to play A-game??

      i prefer stngo to hu because my ROI is a lot higher..playing hu i'm always riskyng tilt..

      i also play cash game live with some friends couple of time per week 0.10/0.20$ and last month i won something like 350$ in 6 sessions..what do you think?i should use this money for online so i can play 5$ stngo with a br of 100x?

      i'll be really happy about any advice or help or everything else!(you can also tell me i'm a fish if we met at the table once..)
      this is all you have to know about me, don't hesitate to write here please!

      maybe i can write sometimes my br situation or post hands or holdem mangare graphs here??what do you think??
      of course as million of guys out there i really want to improve my game and one day become a PPP, but for now i go on with my university..
      i love read poker news,blogs and forums, here on strategy i'm a fan of TwiceT and mbml..

      i hope you'll help me on my road to become a great player..because is something i really like and want to do!

      thank you guys for your attention!

      stay tuned

      ps:my favourite players are 'teddy KGB !!!???' and Tony G..
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