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    • crazyAsiatic
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      Yo poker peeps! Just join this poker strategy and i find it really interesting. I been playing poker since 2002 and i made a decent bankroll playing live tournaments and cash game. Now i want to try and beat online poker... I just have one question though.. Is it really safe to play online? I guess i just have to try huh? i would love to chat to some experienced online player. Feel free to comment anytime. You can also view my profile at facebook.. I have a bunch of friends in poker community there. just search me as (almondz jensen) sorry i can't put my email here.
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    • justkyle88
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      Hey crazyAsiatic,

      Welcome to and the Community.

      Good to hear you have made some extra money from poker :)

      I can assure you online poker is safe. Sure you can take extra precautions with security codes/firewalls/anti-virus's and what have you, but I'm guessing most people already have these.