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      there was an irc thread I was planning to revive cuz there was some funny stuff ther. couldn't find it, but anyway (this isn't as funny as the original ones, I know)...

      Zilch: Welcome to ZilChat! Click on the text box below to start chatting!
      SuNe: good morning
      mishuq: where u from ? it's afternoon here :D
      SuNe: lol
      SuNe: argentina
      SuNe: u?
      mishuq: romania
      SuNe: cool
      SuNe: m or f?
      mishuq: m
      SuNe: age?
      mishuq: lol is this mirc ?
      SuNe: lol is "laugh out loud"

      * edit: from a browser - based dice game chat
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