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What can my stats say about me?

    • FaulV16ke
      Joined: 15.07.2009 Posts: 898

      Is there on Pokerstrategy any article, video or a thread where I can see what my stats on micros CG SH should approximately look like?
      I think I have no problem with basic stats like VPIP but I'm absolutely not sure about how my "fold to donkbet" or "handrange turn, river" should look like. I also know nothing about stats like "squeeze","2bet after limper" and many others.
      I know for micros these are not so important but I'm just curious and since I have those stats on my Elephant I would like to know what are they good for and what leaks they can indicate in general.
      So I would aprecciate if someone can explain all the stats from "Analysis" part of Elephant or post a link so I can see what the stats of an average TAG player on micro SH CG look like.

      Thanks :)
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