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      Hey there.

      I recieved my $50 bonus and instantly started to play.

      in my 3d hand i had pocket A
      With that hand i immediatly won $5.15

      After i made $75 bankroll in total i desides just to take a step further to NL 10/25. I know this isnt the way to play but i just gave it a try.

      After hitting a full house in the first 20 rounds i folded my cards 15 times in the beginning. Then i had Pocked 9. With that i just raised. When the flop was. 2,10,9 i hit my trips. After that a K came on the turn and then a 10 on the river. I was afraid of some of my oponents had 10,K for example and i would lose.

      Well a big pot for me an also in english pounds i didnt even knew. pot total 33.45 about 70 USD

      Now after that i won some hands and also loose some.

      Final Bankroll

      10/2/2007 - 18:09 : 50 USD
      10/2/2007 - 21:35 : 175.65 USD*


      How does the $ 100 Dollar bonus work.
      I play Interpoker. And i dont see any Rakeback = points system.

      Also i dont see how money points i got allready.


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