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destination: Greece; date: 21.8-28.8.2010

our yacht: Bavaria 40 type for 8 ppl.

current state: We are 4 ppl now+ 1 skipper is necessary. so we have 2-3 places free still.

these are faqs answering pretty much everything u can ask for:

our yacht costed 2.8k€ so if we are 7 (skipper doest count), a share for 1 person is 400€ then. /very cheap compared to usual prices of yachts for rents fwik/

Money is not an issue tho, u can pay later, etc.. its already paid, but we rly need to announce our roster till end of this month coz of insurance papers etc..

so if anyone is for crazy sunshine mediterrean exp in the summer, let us know asap, but just serious interests. come on! 1 time! should be awesome.. we tell the skipper where we wanna go, we can divert from a prescribed tour (there are tens of othe yachts like ours, which members=hot girls mostly, we meet on parties at harbour cities where we moor ), jsut go diving somewhere, cliff jumping, abandoned island exploring, ofc special seafood etc possible, overall just extremely relaxing week.

checkout some photos/vids from last few years of this action:

skype: cibicekj