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Short stack strategy questions

    • Bizzare2788
      Joined: 30.06.2010 Posts: 2
      Ok i've read the basics of the sss , yet still i have some questions.
      --The first one is about the amount of cash i should bring to the table at NL10. You guys suggest 2$.I play on Full Tilt and most tables require a minimum of 4 dollars - most players bring 7 or more. Won't i have some sort of disadvantage having such a low amount?
      --Second:The strong hands such AA , KK wont bring me to much profit since for some reason whenever i raise with them ( 4*BB + 1BB /pers) most of the others players fold.Any tips on how to take a better advantage of them?

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    • HannesZ
      Joined: 30.06.2010 Posts: 16,323

      on Full Tilt Poker NL10 you just can play SSS on special tables. The are named shallow tables. If you have a bigger stack the ShortStackStrategy will not working any more. So you will need to play on shallow tables.

      If the other players are really tight you can steal more hands in late position. Take a look in our hand judges and strategy forums where you can discuss this:
      Short Stack Strategy Discussion
      Hand Evaluations SSS until 0.10

      All the best,
    • Ertzi
      Joined: 30.07.2007 Posts: 15
      Also its natural that people fold when you raise if you play really tight yourself. Ofcourse playing really tight is the whole point of SSS but you will get smashed by blind stealers very often if you only play the really strong hands. Thats why you should blind steal too because this will change your style so the opponent(s) can't know anymore if you are stealing or you really have that AA, KK and sometimes because of this you might get called / reraised.