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    • DjAdolfMixer
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      Played tournament poker for maybe 3-4 years. Done fairly well in both live & online. Still a lil green when it comes to cash games.

      Lost my part job recently and with exams coming up i just don't have the time to look for another job. I need to withdraw min of $100 - $150 a month until dec/jan. Currently have a br of $300.

      Only interested in playing cash games.

      To achieve my goal...

      *What limit should i play at?
      *How many tables?
      *How many hours per week?
      *Best site?
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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello DjAdolfMixer,

      First of all i would recommend you to use all of the available resources here at PS such as articles, videos, coachings and the hand evaluation board.

      Now for your questions:

      1) Using the 25 BI (Buy-In) rule that is recomended for cash games then i suggest you start off at NL10 (0.05/0.10).

      2) While you are still learning the basics of cash games i wouldn't play any more than 4 tables (ideally 2).

      3) As many as you can manage whilst continuing to play your A-game.

      4) i would recommend a site with rakeback while playing at the micros and my personal recommendation would be FullTilt.

      Kind Regards,