Should I quit playing poker???

    • Sinnology
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      Hello guys!
      Unfortunaltey the time has come for me to post in this section.
      I ve posted about downswings and my way of "dealing" with them in other sections of this forum, but I made those sections messy enough, so I will post this one here.

      I ve been in really bad downswing for about 10 days or so.
      Just cannot finnish a session in positive if my life depends on it.

      I play NL30 SSS on bet24( fuckin ongame).
      got 40% rb there but as I see it that rb will cost me more than I would ever imagine.
      I just cannot beat anyone over there anymore.
      I came from 30$ to 380 within 2 motnhs or so.
      Been crushed at nl50 twice and once it was that hard that I had to move again from nl10 and grind my way up.
      But it was always sometihng like that: downswing, few days of braek to recover, than grind to recover from losses.
      But this time I just dont know what to do anymore.
      I lost 150$ within last 10 days.
      Been losing consistantly.
      No matter what I do.
      If I study the material I lose, If I take a 2 days off and come back I lose.
      Just finished a 400 hands session, where I got beaten with AK 3x, QQ 2x, AA 2 x, JJ
      What make me even more frustrated is that I never suck out with AK, and lost 3 times out of 4 against it with poker pair.
      I am not saying that I play perfectly, but I easly beated limits as nl20, nl30 before, but at the moment a confidence in my game is so low that I just dont think I cannot win a session anymore.
      Due to bad beats, losing coin flip or tiliting.
      Whatever I do it just make me sink even deeper in this shit.
      And I have no idea what to do, it make me wanna cry out of missery and frustration.
      I cannot move away from balimng fuckin ongame and their stupid software.
      THey seem to love drama and those A on river shit.
      Just thinking to take my remaining money and run away, since nothing else seem to work anymore.
      Just cannot see the light here and it feels like everything turned out against me.
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    • taavi1337
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      Originally posted by Sinnology
      I ve been in really bad downswing for about 10 days or so.
      I'm in a downswing for 2 months (about 40k hands) and it still goes on.

      What can I say? Forget the results, focus on decisions blablabla. Play and improve until you go broke or start winning again. Follow BRM of course.

      edit: And of course you can quit if you want to.
    • DaPhunk
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      I'm not going to bother reading, but what I suggest is;

      Quit. Poker sucks out your soul and only 5% of players are actually winners, hence you are probably not one of those people. :s_biggrin:

      There you go, your reaction to what I just wrote should help you realise what it is you actually want to do;

      If you read that and thought "FO, who does this guy think he is, I can continue playing If I want to" then you should continue playing.

      If however you read that and thought "Oh yea, I really do want to quit" then you have your answer.

      Let me know if this helps ;)

      p.s. Don't forget you can continue playing poker less seriously just for fun at lower stakes or whatever, just follow a BRM so that you don't go bust or only allocate a small amount to play with from now on.
    • DaPhunk
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      Ok, now I read your post. You don't have to quit just try a different game. There are plenty out there.

      - NL BSS FR SH and HU
      - FL
      - PLO
      - Omaha o8
      - Sng's
      - MTT's
      - Stud Variations
      - 7-Game Horse etc
    • Hlynkinn
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      Just cannot see the light here and it feels like everything turned out against me.

      Most dramatic tilt post ever lol..

      but real talk if you had to move from nl50 to nl10 your BRM sounds kinda stupid...

      I lost 150$ within last 10 days.
      loosing 5bi's is nothing... really..

      and it looks like your probably overplaying AA, KK, AK and overpairs... not that I know anything about how you play..
    • Berzerger
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      You need to determine what poker is for you, a fun game that's become your hobby or a way to make money. If it's about money, you'll experience frustration, anger, disappointment and other negative emotions that come with losing. If you see it as a hobby rather than an objective you force yourself to reach, you'll have more fun just playing. The your objective will no longer be making money, but rather playing the game correctly and making right decisions. Monetary winnings will just be a byproduct of that.

      I enjoy playing Modern Warfare 2 and I sometimes get good games, but often I just get my ass handed to me. Nevertheless I enjoy it for its nice features and the fact that I can shoot moving targets with a diverse range of RL weapons. But when I'm playing, I very often see people complaining and getting upset with the game, insulting other players and overall not having a good time whenever they're not doing well according to their standards. I even heard some guy my friend knows kicked his screen off the table because he got fed up with noobtubers constantly killing him. And I can't help but ask myself, why did people like him pay €50 for that game? To spend their time in constant frustration and only enjoy it when they're winning?

      I can agree that downswings are very unpleasant no matter how you look at it, but if your goal isn't making money, you can't get disappointed.

      Also, I too hate Ongame. I hate it so much...
    • IIJonasII
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      Originally posted by Hlynkinn
      I lost 150$ within last 10 days.
      loosing 5bi's is nothing... really..
      SSS 150$ nl30 = 25BI

      Op be a man play BSS from NL2 if you read some of the articles you can not lose in NL2.
    • Waiboy
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      Originally posted by Berzerger
      Also, I too hate Ongame. I hate it so much...
      I LOL'd for about 30 seconds. :f_love: