SSS at full tilt

    • garyk5846
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      At full tilt, at the normal tables the minimum buy in is now 35 big blinds. You have to go to the Short stack tables to buy in for 20 big blinds, but then , of course, everybody at this table is using the short stack strategy, although according to the strategy there can't be more than 2 other people using this strategy at the table. So how should we go about using the SSS on Full tilt?
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    • AlCaTrAzzALZ
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      it works just fine on the shallow tables, the sss guide really should read somthing like 'no more than 2 people following the short stack strategy at the table'...

      even tho there will be shorties, u'll find there just as horrible at poker as everyone else, and will make money off them.
    • HannesZ
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      Hi gary5846,

      not all short stacks are using the short stack strategy. You should always try to watch out for other player using the short stack strategy. If you can identify three or even more you should look for another table.

      Good luck,