TwiceT is not afraid of global warming, thus moves to the south

    • TwiceT
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      TwiceT is (planning on) moving to Gibraltar / Costa del Sol, Spain.

      since i like to spam my blog from time to time and i dont wanna lose the overview of this very important topic, i decided to start a new blog for my moving to another country.
      when moving is finished, this blog will delete itself :D

      all ideas/plans mentioned are about 75% certain atm. beginning of august, when i have all the information necessary, i will make a final decision. plan is to leave austria mid/end of august.

      twicet moves it moves it

      - tax free poker income
      - saving lots of moniez for future business ventures
      - no legal issues with national authorities playing on international gaming sites
      - preparing for big wsop/online mtt cashes and not having to pay taxes on them (not failing like eastgate)
      - weather, culture, ppl, language (def gonna learn spanish intensively. english, french, spanish is a good foundation for ruling the world in some years imo)

      the plan:
      - starting roadtrip mid of august (TT drives TT :D ). austria => italy => france => spain/gib (including monte carlo, barcelona etc etc. will probably take me around 3-4 weeks i guess. will post infos about that trip in italian, french and spanish forums i guess.
      - getting apartment in gibraltar to have a place to sleep when joining pokerstrategy partiiies (also mandatory for getting bank account)
      - having banking accounts in gib for cashing out
      - officially applying @ gib authorities that im a poker soulreader and paying 0% taxes on all winnings muhahaha
      - longterm plan is to ship clean moniez (milllllions of it probably :D ) back to austria or wherever i'll live in 10 years.
      - solving insurance issues
      - getting mansion @ costa del sol, spain close to gib.
      advantage: nice area to live (visited the area in april this year, it rly i teh nutz), cheap rents for sick houses with pools and all that stuff. better air quality than gib, more nature, golf courses, beach parties ....
      - living there esp sept, oct, march, april, may.
      - november, december, january, february will be used to travel around the world (s ome more thailand stuff is planned since my family has a house there and it rly rockz + bangkok is a nice hub for my asian trips like south korea, singapore, phillipines etc). also, south american trip is def. on my list.
      - june, july, august will be used to visit friends/family back home in austria or ship the main event @ vegas

      - from now on, i will start annoying hadi, soy, korn and basically everbody i know from ps to get as much info as possible and to get some how-to guidelines for my plan. i still have many questions that need to be answered. so soy and hadi, stay tuned. i will start with u :P

      the request:
      thats the part where u guys come into play:
      pls, if u know anybody that also thinks about moving to gib/spain, is a smart person, has some idea about poker and is not reluctant to party sometimes, add him/her to this thread. for my plan to work out best, i need some ppl who join me cuz it would be a bit of a waste of money to get apartment in gib + mansion in spain just for myself, cuz i wont be there all the time as mentioned above.
      also, living together with poker ppl rockz (if house is big enough ofc to have some privacy) and ofc im especially interested in moving in with ppl who also have some interest in business ventures / investing their moniez.

      if u read this thread and are interested, have some questions, pls contact me in skype.

      that's it for now, more updates to come soon.

      peace on u!

      [title (c) by Joenaes who might also be joining. g0g0g0 sir, finish uni soon and join me for world domination plans with headquarters in the south of europe :f_p: ]
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    • HannesNL
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      It is a little soon, but maybe in 2011!

      Your plans are sick though
    • Joenaes
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      I'm in for appartment/bank account + maybe some of the trips as well. I don't want a winter this year because last year was way too cold for me :D
    • swissmoumout
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      Originally posted by TwiceT

      - starting roadtrip mid of august (TT drives TT :D ). austria => italy => france => spain/gib (including monte carlo, barcelona etc etc.
      Hmm, I'm more interested in this part :P I was actually planning on doing almost exactly that, mid/end august too (provided I can get a decent car by then). wanna race? :s_biggrin:
    • ChoChikun
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      Originally posted by TwiceT
      who also have some interest in business ventures / investing their moniez.
      What kind of business ventures & investing are interesting you?
    • supeyrio
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      im interested in:
      1)singapore + bangkok anytime.
      2) other countries + gilbraltar after i graduate around june next year. will you still be around by then? hahaha
    • Senderson
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      Sounds really great imo!

      I also planned to visit Gibraltar, but hadn't the possibility yet cause the other poker guy decided against gibraltar. I'm actually in poland but it's getting boring just grind the whole night and have no people here with same hobbies ;)

      So maybe i will be at Gibraltar in August alone, just to get some impressions of living there, grind a lot and get knowledge with other poker players (esp. german pokerstrategy members).

      Can you tell me more about this mansion @ costa del sol? How much do you have to pay for it per month? I have to go back to Germany in September but in May 2011 i'm free of all liabilities and have similar plans like you.
    • opal99
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      sounds great! I want to move to Spain/Gib next summer.. cant sooner :/
    • justkyle88
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      South, pffft. You don't know what south is.
      Australia is south.
      Stop being soft. haha
    • Gabinr1
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      I'm definitely interested. And think I fill the requirements :s_biggrin:

      I would absolutely love to join, but I probably don't have the resources right now.

      Cheers and Good Luck! :heart:
    • Gabinr1
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      I would follow this blog with interest, because moving to Gibraltar is also in my plans.
    • RobbieV
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      You should probably be aware that US tax regulations require tournament organisations to withhold 30% tax on any profit of $5,000 or more for citizens from Gibraltar.

      I actually had to use my Dutch passport and Dutch address to dodge this.
    • Waiboy
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      Originally posted by justkyle88
      South, pffft. You don't know what south is.
      Australia is south.
      justkyle88 is a northern monkey.

      OT: sigh. :heart: :heart: :heart:
    • TwiceT
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      @ swiss: muhahahah, lets raaaace!

      @ chochikun: any sort, rly. strip clubs, restaurants, real estates, consulting agencies .. whateva

      @ rio: yeah, planned long term. so 2011 as well. and ofc, u will join the asian trips :P

      @ senderson: at mansion, depends on how many ppl join me. the more, the bigger the mansion. but spain is rly cheap compared to what i am used to in austria. so just some hundret euros per person per month for a rly sick house with everything u need.

      @ robbiev: thnx 4 info sir. fuck vegas, what about macao? any restrictions there?

      @ justkyle: yeah, but i still like europe. however, januaray 2011 would be a good time to visit australia i guess (aussie millions, australian open)
    • justkyle88
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      It's hot and the woman. woooooo
    • DaPhunk
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      Originally posted by justkyle88
      It's hot and the woman. woooooo
      they can drink like no others!
    • MichaelM
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      If I hear anything from players that coming through the office, I'll give you a shout.
      Looking forward to greet you here in Gib.
      If you need anything, you let us know please :)
    • Leo
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      n1, see you soon!
      Global warming is a joke anyway
    • Hadi
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      wtf! And you didn't tell me sooner? But good stuff, looking forward ;)
    • Gerv
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      Originally posted by MichaelM
      If you need anything, you let us know please :)
      Hadi knows what I need when I'm in Gib :] :]

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