Lennonac's What World cup bid??

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      I'm back!

      Some of you may remember me, some of you liked me some of you hated me ;) but that's life.

      For the people who don't know me here is a little about myself...

      My name is James I go by the handle Lennonac pretty much everywhere. Why Lennonac? Well my last name is Lennon and I used to be a air conditioning engineer, and when I started my first business in my early twenties I called it LAC, or LennonAC. It just stuck with me ever since.

      This is me..

      I have been playing poker for around 4 years, I forget exactly when I started. I was the same as everyone that just starts out in poker....I just clicked the buttons trying to remember what hands beat what!

      Last year I was beating the $10-20 9 man turbo sngs on party poker and ipoker network, I decided to make it my living. Nearly a year on of just about getting by, I went to Scotland for my daughters birthday. All was well but then a family matter occurred and I had to stay for around a month.
      Normally this wouldn't be a problem but I had been break even for the previous 2 months and all my savings had gone. I had no choice but to withdraw most of my bankroll to use for living expenses.

      Things have been looking really bad ever since. I have been struggling with sticking to one game, chopping and changing almost daily from 9 mans to 180's.
      Finally 3 days ago I found a game I can grind and not get bored or frustrated with the swings. I started 18 man sngs, the returns are decent and the swings are acceptable for my temperament.

      I thought creating a blog again would help with the battle to rebuild a bankroll. I love charts ;) and one thing I struggle with is not looking at HEM while I am playing. Recently I have started to manage not to look at HEM until my first set of the day is finished.

      I play two sets per day (well I am meant to!) which consist of 60 sngs each, so 120 sngs a day is decent volume.
      I am not 100% sure what kind of roi is attainable from 18 man sngs but I believe it is slightly better than a 9 man roi. I refuse to go broke so I will be using a 150 buyin rule for moving up, if I lose 50 at the next level then I will move back down.

      Currently I am at the $3.40 level and I cant wait to move up to the $6.50's just so I am not paying 13% rake! But as I am trying to rebuild without getting a part time job if I can help it, I will be withdrawing every week and estimate it will probably take around 3 weeks to get to that level.

      OK so here is my last 3 days of play, the first day I only played 67 games but the other two I managed my required 120 for the day.

      Roi: 13.3%
      ITM: 26.4%
      Winnings: $138.80
      $/hr: $9.88
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