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    • hyperion27
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      Im wondering why my ID check was unsuccessful, I sent exactly the things they asked. A photo of my drivers license with the words visible and the back of my drivers license. Why was this rejected? Am i missing anything?
      Please explain thanks.
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    • Hadi
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      Hey hyperion,

      I'm afraid we can't give you any info about this, as disclosing details about our security process would potentially enable scammers to circumvent it - which, in turn, would mean that we couldn't offer all our content for free.

      However, failing the ID check doesn't exclude you from our community - you can still build a bankroll by referring friends to, participating in freerolls or making use of our first deposit bonuses :)

    • Estonia5
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      i think this 50 bonus is just a joke to get new members in here.
      Olny some get this 50 but to get this bonus is very little chance .
    • Wacko118
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      no most people get their bonus, me and 4 of my friends who signed up all got our 50bonuses :P
    • MichaelM
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      Hey Estonia5,

      I can assure, the opposite is the fact: most accounts get the starting capital, We sometimes have to deny it for different reasons, but we are a poker school and we have more to offer than the $50 starting capital: Education and Bonuses on our partner rooms.