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Some SSS questions

    • danjef
      Joined: 29.06.2010 Posts: 80
      I've read the articles and videos on the SSS strategy and theres a couple of things that are bugging me and seem to be losing me money:

      Cbet with one oppenent when i raise preflop lets say i have two limpers so i raise 6BB's on NL10 which is $0.60 i get one caller so the point is around $1.45
      and i dont hit anything some the article says if he checks i should do a cbet of around 2/3 pot which is roughly around $0.95 i think? so now im pot commented do i still fold if i hit nothing or jut throw my few remaining chips in?

      Also playing middle pairs for me doesnt seem to win much should i continue playing middle pairs?

      I played SSS on 888 at NL2 with some success but after switching to pokerstars and playing at NL10 i very rarely make a profit, i only play 4 tables at most for the time being any tips or advice to where i could be going wrong would be appricated thanks
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