sat aginst sat

    • ofir1110
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      I lost 4 times with sat aginst sat

      I had a pair of 4 and the flop was 4 5 J

      I lost to sat of J

      it's one example, the a other were sat of 3 aginst sat of J a sat of 7 aginst sat of 10 and the last one was sat 5 aginst sat of J

      can you give me tips to analyse this hands in the future? how can I loose the smaller pot that I can?

      in all this 4 examples I bet first after the flop and go all in after a re-raise from the opponent, it was a mistake?

      thanks a lot
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    • SvenBe
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      Hi ofir1110,

      Bad Beats do happen, otherwise bad players would feel like the game was unbeatable. Imagine a game of chess where a random guy beats Kasparov - unimaginable. But in Poker that is possible but still on the long run right decisions pay out - unfortunately often not short term.

      What I would recommend to you: Please use our hand evaluation forums to discuss the hands you played and are unsure about possible mistakes.
      Just give it a try,the other users and hand judges are keen to discuss hands!

      converting your hand is easy,feel free to use any of those converters:
      Various handconverter
    • 1raindog1
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      How about : Don't play 33 or 44 as a rule of thumb? That would help, it seems.
    • Alan883
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      I remember i lost 3 sets vs set in one session one day. That was so frustrating but it happen...those things makes you stronger if u are capable of understanding it.