Heya, new kid here

    • spinitup
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      Another new guy. Just finished my test and waiting for my starting capital on Full Tilt where I will start playing 1c/2c NLHE.

      Just wondering how I progress up the ranking ladder? I had no idea PS had such good strategy content!

      Also I am a little concerned about rakeback. Do players who get the $50 starting capital also receive rakeback? I really hope I haven't scuppered my chances at rakeback by getting the free $50!

      BTW I am from Chatham in Kent in England.

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    • i5bet72o
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      yes player who get the starting capital also get Rakeback
    • martins1337
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      at full tilt you will not recieve rakeback until you deposit your own money
      Rakeback FAQ
    • spinitup
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      so min deposit should cover it right?
    • MichaelM
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      Hey spinitup,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com!

      [B][I]How does PokerStrategy.com works?[/B]

      There are seven member status levels you can reach simply by playing poker at one PokerStrategy.com's partner rooms.

      Each new status allows you access to more advanced strategy articles, videos and coachings, and much, much more.

      In order to reach the next status, you have to earn a certain number of StrategyPoints.

      You can collect StrategyPoints by …

      … creating an account at a partner room (Mansion Poker, Titan Poker, PartyPoker etc.) through PokerStrategy.com.
      … having your $50 starting capital transferred to this account, or by depositing your own money.
      … playing poker with this account. You automatically earn StrategyPoints as you play.[/i]

      Read all about our rewards system here.

      martins1337 pointed you already in the right direction with the rake back question. In order to profit from the 27% rake back on Full Tilt poker, you need to make any sort of deposit (yes, the minimum will do).

      Further questions? Please do not hesitate to ask :)