[NL2-NL10] 75s on bb, squeeze ok?

    • LudiCoka
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      0.02/0.04 (8 handed)
      Known Players:

      Preflop: ($0.06) Hero is BB with 7 5.
      UTG3 folds, MP1 folds, MP2 folds, MP3 raises to 0.14, CO calls 0.14, BU folds, SB calls 0.12, Hero raises to 1, MP3 folds, CO folds, SB folds

      MP3 is a loose fish who open-raises/folds a lot, and CO and SB are rather nitty players who I'm sure arent calling a 3bet because they didn't 3bet themselves which indicates hands they aren't willing to put much money into. Now this spot is pretty good for a squeeze in my opinion. Am I right? Should I make the bet size smaller? Should I not squeeze like this with a half-stack even though he raise/folds a lot?
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    • letmewinplz8
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      I would make it $0.7.

      Its hard to say if to squeeze is ok really - if MP3 shoves I think you will get odds to call (get like 3:1). But then again if you think you have FE too then it is going to be profitable definetly so yeah I think it is a good squeeze spot actually.
    • MaestroOfZerg
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      Hard to say, the very fact that you noticed him open-raise/folding a lot means it's increasingly likely he'll get frustrated and either jam on someone or call the 3-bet at some point, especially now that he's short-stacked ("what the hell I have almost nothing left anyway i'm all-in"), in which case you'll be in an awkward spot with 75-high out of position.

      I'd probably pass on that one given how short he is, I'd go for it if my hand had more equity cold, like pairs/Ax/some decent K-high broadway hands.

      Hope it helps.