why tv is evil

    • wildfool
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      so i;ve been playing NL4 full ring, and it's been going really well. then last night i watch an episode of High Stakes Poker.
      you know, it's 6 players and they're al really good and know one another so they play pretty loose and bluff a lot and sometimes call with mid pair.
      well, i guess without knowing it i picked up some of that, and now i am down $22!
      when i was down around $16 i realized im calling when i should be folding. it's something i've worked on in the past, and i think watching that show last night made me start up my bad habits again. and then i lost another $6 to just bad luck.

      I'm not too upset about it as i believe i can win it back in the next few days, but it's still annoying. here i had plans to take my first shot at NL10 soon!

      the moral of this story is, full ring micro player shouldnt watch television!
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