on the refer a friend section it says you dont have to do anything to get the bonus just refer them and when they get the nessesary points you get the cash once you hit the bonus its automatically sent to your poker account and you should receive it in about 3-5 days well it was 2 weeks ago i cleared the bonus and after a few days of it just saying my referal account was at 50 dollars i wondered why it hadent been sent so i checked out the tell a friend section and i noticed at the bottom of the page it give two options party or titan and then says sent quiery so i clicked on titan and sent it in and well its friday now of the next week and my bonus on my main page says we will send it shortly im not sending this to complain just to give the outher players notice that you have to request it be sent and to be patient it could take a while and remember while you wait that poker is a game of pateince and dicipline