[beginner] Am I too agressive post-flop?

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      I recently passed the quiz and today is my 4th day of playing poker at the cash tables. I'm playing 0.1/0.2$ at Titan Poker. I play about 2 or 3 hours every day. The first day I lost 3$, second day I won 5$, third day I lost 2$. So I think I'm doing okay.

      Today I lost about 5$ in a very short time though. I know this can happen (after all, I know luck is involved in poker), but this event made me realize I am having problems with some hands.

      For example I have JJ in pocket and the flop shows JT6 rainbow. I raise on the flop, I bet on the turn. But my opponents keep calling. It happens a lot. My opponents call and call and call... and on the turn they get a flush or a straight (with them having crap pocket cards).

      I lost 4 hands like this in 20 minutes. Of course, I put a lot of money in the pot when playing like this, and thus I also lose a lot when an opponent suddenly makes a strong hand on the river.

      Am I playing too aggressive? Should I be more careful for opponents who call a lot? From the strategy articles it seems like these kind of opponents should bring you money, right? How would you guys handle these situations?

      Thanks in advance!
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