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      About me:

      Just a short introduction, I'm not used to write about this kind of stuff...if you want to know anything not written here, just ask :)
      I'm from Slovakia (brother of miskoKvo), living currently in Brno (Czech rep.). I study computer science (my specialization is security) there, got my bachelors degree already, and I'm getting masters in 2 semesters (hopefully:) ). I also work as a java developer on an IS for a czech ISP, not much to say about that, it's easy, just 3 days a week :) Due to this two things (uni+work..three if you add gf actually :) ), my volume in poker lacks a bit, but I'm working on that (leaving work for poker after I get a realistic clue about my winrate ...developers in east europe aren't paid very good :s_mad: )

      So a bit about my poker history. I was introduced by my brother, and after receiving the starting capital..I lost it:) I didn't get very involved with poker, but after getting another 50$ish from my brother, I decided to give it another shot. With sss, which was..boring :) The route from there was quite standard, got br to something above 1k and decided to stop sssing. So I switched to sh and went to ongame, where I tried nl10sh, was easy again so went straight for nl25. Now it may sound like 2 months of playing, but because of school and work (was finishing my bachelors degree & writing thesis), I had a lot of breaks from poker. Quite fast I went to nl50sh, already took shots at nl100 but lost a couple of 70/30 and a flip and went back. I'm actually way overrolled for nl50, and even for nl100. But I want to move up after playing a meaningful number of hands, not just because I'm rolled for it. So the reason I'm staying on lower limits is not br, but volume - I don't think that moving up after low volume+breaks is a good idea, although winning consistently.

      So whats happening now? Right after the exams of last semester, I had a bit of a downswing :)

      First week was fine, but then I just couldn't win anything ever, you know what I'm talking about :)

      Then, the week after that was even worse :s_confused:

      After this, I tried a bit of husng, but it's really not for me, I'd rather play hu cash when I feel like it :)
      The downswing caused even lower volume, but eventually I started again...with rush, for just the heck of it :D Made about 20 bi on nl25sh. I don't want it to be my main game, so I'll play it when I feel like I'd play just B game.
      In august, I started once again on ongame, didn't play that much (played a lot of rush:) ), here's how it went so far:

      (in case you're wondering where are graphs from previous ~1 year - I bought a new notebook and didn't bother to backup my db, nothing worthy there anyway)

      So currently I'm playing on ongame, nl50 5max...

      I also played a couple of live sessions, nl1k czk...omg crazy crazy stuff, 6-7 sessions of about 8 hours, and I'm up about 20bi, including the biggest pot I ever lost. It was a huge fish, I was 500bb effective and flopped a set w 44 on KT4..on this flop, I bet/3bet him, into which he shoved for the rest of his stack. Now with bottom set it might be a fold, but not against this guy, who..called with 77. Well, turn was 7 ofc, and there goes a 1000bb pot :) What I liked was that: 1/ the whole table was shocked and whatever, I didn't even mind :D 2/ I was still up 3bi in this session?:D

      Everybody likes to set goals, so here it goes (or not :) ):
      I don't have any special goals, for now it's to crush nl50 for at least 30-40k hands, then crush nl100..and then I'll see. If it goes well, I'll quit my (part) time job for poker - for a student, income from nl100 is enough :) I actually plan to not withdraw much, and just grow my br, as I'll at least try to play higher limits, being a low limit grinder gets boring :) . Beside poker, I'm looking into some other stuff (passive income ftw), so I'm reading about investing, financial markets..even taking some courses at econ. faculty :)
      Actually...I promise to not make any more ~5 min pictures, as the one above :s_biggrin:

      I don't know what else to add, so ask and you may get an answer :)
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