Larrys Online tournament day.

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      Played in 3 today.

      $5 - $500
      .10c re-buy - $100
      and the
      $5 - poker strategy 3 Länder Poker Tour qualifier.

      The $5 I was doing well throughout, I played 4 hands in the first hour but won them all, at the break I had 7,000 and felt good about my play, after the second hour I still felt I could do well, by then there was only 30 left in I kept tight and made sure I made the money (13 places played) then made the final table.

      Then with 8 left in I was busted to 500 chips losing KK to AK, I couldn't complain, just pray I could survive to get some better cash.

      Won 2 hands in a row with JJ and K10h, that got me back to 5,000 then on 4,300 got AA and trebled up, back in the hunt.

      Tightened up again winning the odd blind and hand cheaply, before long there were 4 left, I was in 4th with 32k, then I hit AK and gambled, it paid off, got to 96k with one being busted out by the side pot, I kicked on after that to win that one. $154.03 taken in.

      Next was the 10c re-buy, I like these they are fun, managed 6th place and $7.50 from a .30c buy-in, one thing I will say is that these lower stakes tournies some of the people that play them are over critical of other peoples games, whilst playing some really bad poker themselves, the $5+ tournies you don't get that sort of abuse from players as much.

      The last was the $5, Poker strategy, 3 Länder Poker Tour qualifier.

      I was lucky enough to win that one, I took a very early chip lead and kept it until the final 20 were decided, then sat back and played hands I wanted to.
      I did get lucky on more than one occasion, but that is what poker is about right? I felt I played great poker today, that got me $274.70

      2 wins and a 6th netting me $436.23 from $10.30 buy ins.
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