question about rakeback

    • arsgov
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      all players get rakeback at friday, right?
      how do i know how many dollars i should get? can i search for it somewhere?

      and if i play freerolls and point's tournaments, does it hurt my rakeback?

      i guess those are some stupid questions, but if i won't ask, i will never know :)
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    • HannesZ
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      Hello arsgov,

      yes, if you are eligible for rakeback, you will receive it on Friday. You can't see it how much you will get. But you can calculate it. Playing freerolls (freerolls from are excluded) or spending Full Tilt points will deduct your rakeback.

      Have a look in our Rakeback FAQ (Look here first) - thread, where a lot of your questions will be answered.

      If you have further questions do not hesitate to ask.

      Good luck on Full Tilt Poker,