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A former limit-rushers way to success

    • MrPaulsen
      Joined: 20.11.2009 Posts: 80
      A former limit-rushers way to success
      (I started this blog July 22. '2010 but started playing, August 1. '2010 with 200$ on NL4)

      Last updated july 23 2010

      Hello and welcome to my blog here at pokerstrategy, this is my blog where I will be be bringing updates, pictures, graphs, success stories, and stories about the downswings i will hit on my way to become a better poker player, and most important, the blog where I will learn to master Bankroll-management!

      First time I came to this site i was amazed of the friendly and deeply enthusiastic players that are on here. All friendly and earger to learn themselves, and give som great advises along the way!

      Here we go!

      This blog is an introduction to my new way to success, and I chose to put it up 8 days before i start playing to have the best opportunity to review my goals, and get some comments from the community.

      I love to see comments, and I cant wait to get started and to add another success history to the Pokerstrategy database!

      I started out playing in around august 2007 on TitanPoker. Back then i played alot of counter-strike on a decent level and around 15-20 hours a week i practiced with my team, and attended various offline and online events in denmark. Oh, and btw. Im 24 years old and from Denmark!

      A page like pokerstrategy for counter-strike introduced some poker series on titan-poker for members of the site, and i won 2 of them back then. Without knowing anything about poker, except who Gus Hansen was. The amount i won in the two poker tournaments was not much but enough to get me into some smaller MTT's. I didn't know anything about bankroll-management so i decided to play a 20$ rebuy tour with 20.000$ GTD. And guess what? I came second and won 3200$. As you can imagine i felt like i was flying basicly. I withdrew it all and now my rushing begins!!

      Middle stage of my “career”
      Since that win I have not manage to keep proper bankroll-management for more than 2 months! Yep! That's right.. 2 silly months! I have switched between various sites, trying to make a bankroll, but eventually i would tilt it all away. I have been to all major sites on BOSS, iPoker, OnGame, PKR, Fulltilt, pokerstars etc. Etc. Ive gone bust more than 100 times I think. I stopped counting 2 years ago.

      But to be honest i don't want to talk much about my middle stage of my “career”. Because this will all change now! Why? Keep on reading chap!

      The new start! (Read this for quick info about the blog)
      This will be the new start of my career, and the start of using proper bankroll-management! I have signed up through pokerstrategy to cakepoker. The reason why i have chosen cake poker is because of their “bankroll-protection” feature. I have set the following limits:

      Cash-game: 30Buy-ins
      SNG/MTT: 40buy-ins

      This means that i cannot play eg. NL100 before i reach 3000$ etc. Etc.
      The client simply wont allow me to sit at a table for where i dont have minimum 30 Buy-ins! Therefor it is impossible for me to make any kind of limit-rushing and suddenly be at a 3/6 table with all my bankroll and loose it to that 1 outer.

      I will start out with 200$ and be grinding NL4 and PLO4 until I reach 350 where i will start playing NL10.

      I have seen in other blogs where people have listed some goals.
      These are, Short term goals, Long term goals, Life time goals


      Short term goals 1: (3months) (1. August 2010 – 1. November 2010)
      500$ bankroll
      Hit silver status
      Read all bronze BSS articles
      Watch at least to videos about BSS 6max microlimit/lowlimit
      Play 15000 hands
      Post at least one hand for analysis in the blog every week.

      Short term goals 2: (2months) (1. November 2010 – 1. January 2011)
      Hit gold status
      Get a tracker that works with cake-network
      Play 6000 Hands

      Short term goals 3: (3months) (1. January 2011 – 1. April 2011)
      Become NL50 regular
      Revisit the articles and video section and make sure you have read all bronze and silver articles and watched all movies.
      Play 15000 hands

      Long term goals: (Ends 1 january 2012)
      Become NL100 regular (I consider myself a regular when i have +50 buy-ins)
      Hit platinum/diamond status
      Make sure I have read any articles on the site about BSS 6max
      Make sure I have watched all the videos on the site about BSS 6max
      2000$ of poker withdrawals

      Life time goals:
      Attend WSOP main-event
      Take a poker paid vacation with my girl (and maybe kids)
      Black-member status
      Attend at least one black-member party
      6 figured bankroll


      This is my first time I have tried to setup some goals for my poker. So maybe they are way of, to easy or maybe totally unrealistic. But i preserve the right to make changes to them as i go on, if i can see that i cant possible reach the certain goal.

      But please let me know what you think of my goals, so that I can make the necessary adjustments before I am starting.


      Start: 200$ 
      Running bankroll: 200$ 


      Shuffle up and deal!:club: :diamond: :heart: :spade: :D  
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    • Hopey
      Joined: 05.03.2010 Posts: 193
      As a fellow Bankroll waster I wish you all the best and hope that this time everything works out for you. Great start to the blog.
    • EmanuelC16
      Joined: 02.01.2010 Posts: 13,909
      Hi MrPaulsen!

      Good luck with you new start! I don't know about your choice of poker room... Is there enough traffic there? Is it fishy enough to be able to build a $500 BR from $200 in 15k hands? It seems to me you'd need a hell of an upswing to do that starting at NL4. I've been running really hot lately, a lot above EV, basically hitting every flush or full house, but still only managed $45 in 5k hands on NL5 FTP Rush. Is Cake the only account you have that is linked to

      As you are playing BSS 6max you can probably learn a lot if you follow TwiceT's project with Eminescu500.

      Manu :diamond:

      PS: I also tried setting myself goals but soon realized I was more focused on where I stand on my goals chart than in a hand I'm playing. Plus, it takes all the fun out of poker. Now, I just play at see where that takes me. :f_thumbsup:
    • MrPaulsen
      Joined: 20.11.2009 Posts: 80
      Hello EmanuelC16.

      Thx for the kind words. Maybe you are right. I should move the 500$ bankroll goal into the short-term 2 part.

      The reason why i chose cake-poker is as i stated because of their bankroll-protection feature, and their great promotions and 33% rakeback.

      It seems to me there is plenty of action on the NL4 and NL10 tables. Havent checked out the NL25 or NL50 tables yet. And then plan is to move to another site when im ready to move to NL50.

      But with a 50$ bonus to clear, and rakeback, i dont see it as impossible :) - It might be more difficult than i thought in the first place, but not impossible :)
      Futhermore i have the ability to boost my bankroll with a 50$ deposit every month. But i hope this will not be neccesary.

      To turn back to how i set my goals, i can def. see what your talking about, and maybe i should just simplify them. Because as you say, its a bad thing to focus TOO much on the goals you have set. So in that way I can see where my poker takes me.

      But for now i will leave them hanging, and see what others might say :)

      I will be sure to find TwiceT's project, and thx for the heads-up about this.

    • MrPaulsen
      Joined: 20.11.2009 Posts: 80
      Update 1/1


      I am going to postpone my project by 1 month.

      This mean i will be starting off the 1st of September.

      This is due to my exams as a graphic designer, which stars in august and ends in early september.

      I will in the mean time use my time to study articles and videos in the basic and bronze sector.

      And ofc. i will be active in the forum, getting to know people a little better :)

      This will be the last update untill i start in september.