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JP's NL Diary - Tourney Ship 2.7K

    • JohnPhoenix
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 5,876
      Hi there,

      Finally I will write a Poker Blog. Why?

      Well, I never blogged before, but I got the feeling, that the next 1,5 years (and maybe the following years as well) get quite interesting with many decisions and events, which will influence my whole life.

      So I decided to document my future path in this blog. It's mainly for myself, so I can review the upcoming time lator.

      The blog will contain mainly poker-related stuff, but as well some private things.

      Let's start.

      1) Who I am.

      My Name is Robert. I am 24 and from a town near to Munich in Germany. I'm studying business administration and currently I'm working for as an intern in the B2B department. Maybe some guys recognized me, when I posted the Rake Race updates for a while.

      In the mid of August my contract ends and after a short trip through Spain I will be back In Germany to complete my studies. I got 1 to 1,5 years left. Actually I don't know, what will come, after finishing my studies. Let's see.

      In addition I love making music. I'm playing E-Guitar and E-Bass and also I have started to learn singing.

      In Germany I live together with my girlfriend, we're together since over 3 years.

      2) How long do I play Poker?

      I started playing cards at the age of 7 with some German card games. (Watten, Schafkopfen). But probably nobody of you will know these games. With the age of 12 I already started playing for real money and improved my pocket money through winning constantly small amounts in the breaks at school. :f_biggrin:

      My first contact with poker when I moved out to my student flat, in the local home game rounds, when I was 20. I was caught by the game and started playing really often, but not with much effort for learning any strategies.

      After a while I spent more time on it, and at the time, where games were really soft I was able to win even up to NL 100 FR and cashed out my first 2000 Dollars, which were spent into a new Bass Amplifier.

      I left my previous band at Dez. 2008 and from that moment I got much more time for Poker. I started playing NL 25 SH at Everest and also reading articles and watching videos. I went really well so I moved up to NL 100 SH in not even 3 month, where I got stuck the first time.

      After some private coaching (TribunCeaser, Cyde, Deadmike, who is not at and some training I was able to beat NL 100 and 200 and even played my first NL 400 tables at Everest in May 2009. Until the end of 2009 I won quite a lot of money and cashed out regularly. With these cash outs I'm able to finance my studies without any help from other people.

      At the beginning of the year 10 I even shotted NL 1K at Everest, but the shots weren't really successful. I also got in a downswing at NL 400 and ran about 13K under EV from February to March.

      In March I started my internship here. With a 40h - 45 H week of work I couldn't focus enough to beat the midstackes and so I become a BE player. Also the traffic at Everest broke down, I cashed out and tried different sites, but never really felt well at any site.

      Well while I got stuck online, I start playing Life Cash and Life Tournaments, which I really enjoy. I love it.

      3) What will I play?

      First of all I think I will not play many hands online until I'm back in Germany. This has mainly 3 reasons.

      - Atm I'm playing much Live Poker

      - Next Thursday my girlfriend will arrive here in Gib and I won't play much poker after she has arrived.

      - I'm leaving Gibraltar on the 14th of August. We will make a City Tour trough Spain and visit Sevilla, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, before flying back to Germany on the 26th of August. If you know real good must seen places in these cities, pls give me a short hint.

      Back in Germany I will play.

      A) NL 6max:
      Although I have the roll for higher limits I will start at NL 50 or 100 to get back into the game. I think the game changed a lot in the last 6 month and also playing Everest is not the same as playing other sites. It was not necessarily easier, but different.

      B) PLO 6Max

      Change the Plan. PLO is much more fun for me than HU.

      C) Tournaments

      I will play Tournament between $10 -109 Dollar. Sometimes a Major Event like SM, 200K, or Brawl.

      D) Live Play

      I will start to play live in casinos at Austria and also I try to qualify online for several live events. For example I would love to qualify for the Everest 3 Länder Tour.

      I will post critical hands and probably also some graphs. Please feel free to comment every hand, you find in this thread.

      4) Long-term Goals (next 1.5 years)

      - Online


      Getting again on NL 400 and beating it with more than 4 bb/100 over a nice samplesize.


      Ship the fucking monezzzs! Actually I never won a NL Tournament with more than 300 participants, only had a nice number of Final Tables. It's getting time....

      - LIVE:

      - Winning monezzzzs and having a lot of fun.
      - Playing several big live events.
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    • JohnPhoenix
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 5,876
      To start the thread I will post a good result from last weekend.

      I won about 5K in the last Everest 50K "Major" Tournament for finishing 3rd. OBV I din't make a screenshot. :s_mad:

      This weekend I will play the Marbella Live Tournament. 350 Euro Buyin and 1 Addon or Rebuy. I'm getting fully staked by millionaire I stacked several times in the Casino. :evil:
      I get 40 % of the winnings and he will get 60 %. I think it is a really good deal for me. =)

      So you around and I will keep this blog updated.

    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Yaaay - Good luck Robert! Ship ze Moniez :s_love:
    • Truthans
      Joined: 10.07.2007 Posts: 699
      Good stuff. I will follow your exploits. Ship it.
    • Boonlight84
      Joined: 20.05.2008 Posts: 381
      GL ROB....

      See us at 3LT :) )
    • LuckyLukeDE
      Joined: 17.01.2008 Posts: 22
      Gogo Robert!
      Whats your result in Marbella ?
    • JohnPhoenix
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 5,876
      Hi guys,

      I come right from Gym, had there a really long training session.

      Marbella was fun, unfortunately I didn't make to Day 2. The playerfield was overall in my opinion pretty bad. Some good guys, many not sot good guys and a lot of Gambler.

      I was in overall pretty carddead, only got 2x JJ, 1x AK and 1xAQs. And I lost all four hands. When I got JJ the first time one guy had AA, when I got the 2nd time another guy had QQ. AQ I lost on A high board against AK and with AK I didn't hit the flop at all and needed to fold after action arised.

      Tried also to get with SCs in late position cheep into the alltime limp pots, but never hit anything usefull.

      My last than was with about 17 BB. 3 Guys limped in, and I saw these 3 guys folding to push 2 orbits earlier, and as there was already Big Ante I decided to push 66 from the CO. The Big Blind woke up with Aces.

      The flop was 345 and gave me some hope...

      ...which turned into some joy after a 6 appeared on turn....

      ....which was heavily crushed with the A on river. :f_frown:

      Well, I played 2/5 Cash afterwards, no Big Hands, but 160 Euro up in the End. So all in all a good day.
    • JohnPhoenix
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 5,876
      The Tourney Sunday.

      Well....i was quite good in the qualifiers, managed to get a Brawl and WU Ticket.
      So I decided to buy into the 300k aswell, to make it complete. Well the Big tourneys didn't went all to good. I busted in the WU itm the rest before ITM. At Party I lost a big flip.

      The 33k FT 24+2 KO was quite good. Unfortunately I lost this flip at the stage of the 3 final tables. Well..better luck next. Overall my play was ok, I think I need to improve finding spots with trash hands to cover the carddead periods.

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $12,000(BB) Replayer
      SB ($396,552)
      Hero ($267,768)
      UTG ($803,343)
      UTG+1 ($202,761)
      UTG+2 ($820,240)
      MP1 ($119,208)
      CO ($761,309)
      BTN ($279,932)

      UTG+1 antes $1,500
      UTG+2 antes $1,500
      MP1 antes $1,500
      CO antes $1,500
      BTN antes $1,500
      SB antes $1,500
      Hero antes $1,500
      UTG antes $1,500

      Dealt to Hero 8:diamond: A:heart:

      fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, SB raises to $36,000, Hero raises to $266,268 (AI), SB calls $230,268

      FLOP ($544,536) 3:heart: 4:diamond: J:heart:

      TURN ($544,536) 3:heart: 4:diamond: J:heart: 5:heart:

      RIVER ($544,536) 3:heart: 4:diamond: J:heart: 5:heart: 3:club:

      SB shows 7:spade: 7:heart:
      (Pre 57%, Flop 71.7%, Turn 63.6%)

      Hero shows 8:diamond: A:heart:
      (Pre 43%, Flop 28.3%, Turn 36.4%)

      SB wins $544,536
    • JohnPhoenix
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 5,876
      Hi Guys,

      my Girlfriend already arrived here and we tested again her great Bingo skills. (she always wins money there). Okay, we're probably 50 years below the average age of the bingo area. :D and should have some speed advantage. :s_cool:

      All in all I did not play that much poker the last two weeks, just tried some HU and as well some Omaha. All in all Omaha is much more fun than the HU, so I probably will add Omaha 6max to my portfolio instead of NL Hu.

      In 1.5 Weeks my Internship ends and its time to leave Gibraltar. I'm already feeling sad about it, as I really had a great time here and I will miss the job and the people. I probably will post some pictures of Gibraltar here, before I leave.

      My PokerSchedule for the next 1.5 Weeks.

      - Maybe Saturday some final live NL CG.
      - Sunday again some tourneys in the late evening. (50K Everest and maybe Brawl)
      - Monday the first time ever PL 0.5/1 Pound Live CG. This will be awesome I guess.

      On Saturdays, the 14th my Girlfriend and me will leave Gibraltar and make a nice trip through Spain. Sevilla, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia will be the locations.

      In Valencia we will join the La Tomatina Festival. :D I smell some awesomeness already.
    • JohnPhoenix
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 5,876
      Hi there,

      It is finally time for a small update.

      We are already in Barcelona. Sevilla was really awesome, Madrid was nice, but nothing special und the first day in Barcelona was really nice. :) :) I will post some pics of Gibralter and my spain tour, when I am back in Germany.

      Regarding Poker:

      I played in all casinos, and I am 1,5 stacks down so far. Quite card dead overall, nothing special. In Barcelona and Madrid I got a really tight table, but Sevilla was awesome. Unfortunately I lost all big pots there against the table maniac, who was all in every 2-3 hands. Buttom Pair was enough for to go all in with almost a full stack on the flop. Unfortunately this pair beats you, when you miss your draws (including overcards) completely. :evil:
    • JohnPhoenix
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 5,876
      Beat: Get up tomorrow at 5:00 am.

      Brag: I will join La Tomatina Festival

      Varianz: We will see..... :D :D :D :D
    • JohnPhoenix
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 5,876
      La Tomatina was nice and fun. :D

      Now I am back in D. I will start grinding Nl 100, although I could play higher limits with my br. Just to get into the game again.
      And I will play Tournaments from 22 - 109 $, trying to qualify for some majors on sunday.

      In addition I will do a lot of theory. Watching Vids, 2 U2U Coaching per week and handdiscussions every 2 days with a friend.

      Let's see how it goes.
    • knb22
      Joined: 29.04.2009 Posts: 212
      Nice blog, will certainly follow it! Btw, do u grind nl100 on Everest also(FR or SH)? I'm considering shots on nl100sh soon, but it seems like the tables are full of regs there. Too bad all the french fish had to leave :s_cry:
    • JohnPhoenix
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 5,876
      Well, Everest is really kinda dead. Maybe it will get better in the winter months.

      Though more about Party and Labbrokes. (SH)

      And FT Rush FR. :D This is fun.

      Update: Tournament Sunday was not succesfull.

      ATM I am sick, got a cold right after being back in Germany. :s_mad:

      NL 100 playing postponed for some days.
    • JohnPhoenix
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 5,876
      So, I finally fineshed with the work I needed to do for my studies.

      So far I only played Rush FR 100. The graph is ok, but not really good. I will now start playing SH again additional to Rush and also starting with more theory.

    • JohnPhoenix
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 5,876
      Hi Guys,

      my last entry was a while ago. The main reason is. First I had a tonsilitis.

      2 Days, after this was over, I had once again strong abdominal pain, so I went to the hospital. They took my gallbladder out, now the pain should be stopped.

      On Monday I probably can go home.
    • JohnPhoenix
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 5,876
      So back from Hospital. Today again the first poker day.

      [x]4 Digit Day.

    • JohnPhoenix
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 5,876
      Actually I am shotting some good NL 400 Tables again. What do you think about following hand. I put him more often on a ten or pair+FD then the made Flush, how do you Guys play the turn? The other guy is a 27/22 Reg with 29% PFR from the Bu.

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $4(BB) Replayer
      SB ($787)
      Hero ($814)
      UTG ($438)
      UTG+1 ($411)
      CO ($107)
      BTN ($528)

      Dealt to Hero T:diamond: Q:heart:

      fold, fold, fold, BTN raises to $12, fold, Hero calls $8

      FLOP ($26) 9:diamond: K:spade: J:diamond:

      Hero checks, BTN bets $20, Hero raises to $75, BTN calls $55

      TURN ($176) 9:diamond: K:spade: J:diamond: Q:diamond:

      Hero checks, BTN bets $130, Hero raises to $727 (AI), BTN calls $311 (AI)

      RIVER ($1,058) 9:diamond: K:spade: J:diamond: Q:diamond: 6:heart:

      Hero shows T:diamond: Q:heart:
      (Pre 41%, Flop 66.8%, Turn 2.3%)

      BTN shows A:diamond: 8:diamond:
      (Pre 59%, Flop 33.2%, Turn 97.7%)

      BTN wins $1,055
    • JohnPhoenix
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 5,876
      5th in a PokerStar 3$ Dollar 2R1A Tourney for 1.2k.

      Final Hand. Quite painful to bust with the 2nd nut flush (although I am behind pre)

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $8,000(BB) Replayer
      SB ($177,595)
      Hero ($146,970)
      UTG ($239,315)
      CO ($607,038)
      BTN ($584,082)

      Dealt to Hero K:club: 8:club:

      fold, fold, BTN raises to $18,000, fold, Hero raises to $145,970 (AI), BTN calls $127,970

      FLOP ($300,940) 4:club: 5:heart: 5:club:

      TURN ($300,940) 4:club: 5:heart: 5:club: 4:diamond:

      RIVER ($300,940) 4:club: 5:heart: 5:club: 4:diamond: Q:club:

      Hero shows K:club: 8:club:
      (Pre 39%, Flop 19.5%, Turn 18.2%)

      BTN shows A:club: 6:club:
      (Pre 61%, Flop 80.5%, Turn 81.8%)

      BTN wins $300,940
    • pogodon
      Joined: 23.07.2010 Posts: 1,213
      unlucky hand